The Indie News Beat for the week of September 11, 2006


August 28, 2006 Edition

* Natalia Nazarova’s New Release “Fashion”

* Acossi Records New Release Acossi Transition Vol 2 Now In iTunes

* The Monsters Of Mock Halloween Tribute Concert

* Rock Guitarist Completes More Than 60 Guitar Lessons For WorkshopLive’s Online Learning Environment

* IMC Radio Announces Strategic Partnership With Airplay Direct

* Remixable Music Videos Hit The Scene

* Future Of Music Coalition To Offer Free Health Insurance Advice To Musicians

* 9Sky Loses Internet Music Piracy Case To R2G In China

Natalia Nazarova’s New Release “Fashion”

A Fitting Follow-up To A Red-Hot Career On The Rise

Natalia Nazarova, the Russian actress and singer who has captivated listeners and critics alike with her rich, silken voice and pure tone, has announced the world debut and broad availability of her new CD, Fashion, a collection of international songs spiced with sexy dance beats, seductively exotic vocals and cinematic spy-vibe soundscapes.

Stylistically, Fashion blends together elements of middle-Eastern, classical, pop, and hypnotic world rhythms that breath creative warmth into electronic music. The latest recording retains her well-crafted lyrics and impressive range, all wrapped up in an exquisitely-produced album that’s sure to get listeners worldwide up and moving.

“‘Fashion’ has the kind of pulsating beat that people love to hear when they go out to dance,” said Keith “Muzikman” Hannaleck, in a pre-release review. “Her [Natalia’s] voice is beautifulŠhaunting, powerful‹she sounds like Annie Lenox with a European accent.”

Both the title track and its “Global Domination” remix counterpart pack a catwalking-groovin’ punch, sure to move the crowd on the dance floor. Fashion also includes a pulsing cover of Sade’s, “No Ordinary Love”, a trip-hoppy track named “Lipstick Gun” that puts the listener in the world of international espionage referencing the infamous KGB secret weapon, and songs like “Dark Eyes”, “Betray The Motherland”, “Love And Loyalty” and “At The Matinee” conjure the exotic allure of Nazarova’s East European heritage. As she stretches her musical wings from song to song, it is apparent the entire album represents the depth of Nazarova’s personality and voice, channeling the raw energy of a singer who loves her craft.


Acossi Records New Release Acossi Transition Vol 2 Now In iTunes

Acossi Records who has not only release a new version of “Acossi Movement Vol 1” (edition version), Vol 2 Progressive & Trance is something new for the trance lovers & DJ’s. This new release now features some new acts from UK and Asia India.

According to the company, Acossi has been working to break new acts for a long time and is really giving people that are interested in the dance, pop, electronic market a new taste and feel. Presented first to the DJ’s within New York and Europe, besides others around the world, is the new club mix dance trance coming from the Vol 2 compilation. Now with their new digital distribution agreement with BDG / RedMusic Sony, Accossi has their releases getting into the digital download world.

A brief description of Acossi Records’ second compilation release vol 2 by Natacha (mixmaster): “This compilation is a mix of Progressive house and Trance with vocals. This party CD will give you different moods with some Euro, American and Indian / punjabi club mix. Featuring artists Serotonin from London, gives a trance a smooth vocal mixes, group members are R. Kedwell, C. Goldhawk, and A. Khalighi; Dirtyworx (Martin & Chris) from Sweden the ultimate groove mixers; Capuccino (Francis C.) from Paris, France adding some hot trance vocals; Sunny P. who is Sunny Patwalia, lives in the USA; from Asia India blend a mixture of Indian / punjabi vocals to progressive dance in American style featuring Natacha (mixmaster) who include some hard club mix and vocals, adding some spice with flavor mix, something unique for their listening audience.”

Acossi is now having the Acossi Music Session contest the ultimate Dance competition now open for register, find out more at


The Monsters Of Mock Halloween Tribute Concert

Maximum Bands presents the Monsters of Mock Halloween Concert Event, Saturday October 28th at the Lakeland Center in Lakeland Florida. 3 of the best Tribute Bands in the US will play a Halloween concert like no other. There will be a “Mockstar” costume contest with great prizes like guitars and studio time.

Chris Caffery of Savatage fame and Trans Siberian Orchestra will jam with the Judas Priest Tribute Band Xciter for a number. Ozzy Tribute band “Wizard of Ozz” opens the night and AC/DC Tribute band “Highway To Hell will headline. Highway To Hell features Martyn Jenkins on vocals who fronted the well known UK Queen Tribute “A Night at the opera”. He will be featured on the soon to be released Queen Tribute CD sanctioned by the official Queen International Fan Club.

Tickets go on sale Sept.1st.


Rock Guitarist Completes More Than 60 Guitar Lessons For WorkshopLive’s Online Learning Environment

Americans go online to find the perfect date, psychotherapist and real estate agent. So how about clicking the mouse a few times to find your soulmate musician, whose guitar lessons can teach you to play like Eric Clapton?

Baltimore guitarist Tobias Hurwitz is one of a group of rock, jazz, blues and classical artists chosen to participate in a fast growing international community called WorkshopLive. The web platform helps pair aspiring John Mayers and Zakk Wyldes with professional musicians like Hurwitz who are best-suited to turn their musical dreams into reality. WorkshopLive offers keyboard, piano, and guitar lessons in a variety of genres, styles, and levels.

Hurwitz explains that it is easier for students to learn how to play an instrument when they are guided by someone who’s compatible with their musical interests, learning style and temperament.

“Until now, if you wanted to play guitar, you would have to conform to your teacher’s instructional and playing techniques,” said Hurwitz. “WorkshopLive takes the exact opposite approach and matches you with a musician who’s attuned to your specific needs and interests. It’s basically the same principle as an online dating service, only it’s designed to bring together the musically compatible.”


IMC Radio Announces Strategic Partnership With Airplay Direct

Impact Media Consulting, the parent company of IMC Radio, is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with AirPlay Direct.

“AirPlay Direct streamlines the music submission process for the artists that it serves,” says Duane Lamb, President and CEO of Impact Media Consulting and Owner/PD of IMC Radio. “What is really cool is the ease in which busy execs like myself can access the AirPlay Direct system, audition the artists tracks, and study their electronic bios all at the same time,” he adds.

AirPlay Direct and its revolutionary digital media delivery services is setting the standard for the way that independent artists should and will submit their music to music industry decision makers. The time and expense of assembling and mailing press kits has become a thing of the past with this service.

IMC Radio, a branch of the media research arm of Impact Media Consulting is an affiliate station of the Internet Radio Network. IMC Radio is an open format station that serves as a premier outlet for new and independent artists and their music.


Remixable Music Videos Hit The Scene

Fans and Labels Want More Mixmonsta Music Video Remixers

As part of the rollout of T.I.’s smash “King” album on Atlantic Records, a Mixmonsta remixable music video of “What You Know” went live online when that first “King” single charted and hit radio. At 250,000 remixer site visits so far, fans continue making thousands of their own “What You Know” music video remixes. Based on that success, Atlantic Records and T.I. requested another Mixmonsta remixable music video for the release of “Why You Wanna,” raising the number of T.I. songs in the remixable music video format to five.

“Ain’t nothing like it anywhere from the phone to the web, Oboy!” says E-40, whose Myspace artist site hosts a Mixmonsta Music Video Remixer. E-40 fans have made over 45,000 original remixes of the breakthrough “Tell Me When to Go” Hyphy music video.

In conjunction with Geffen Records, Mixmonsta posted a music video remixer for a linked debut with “Chain Hang Low,” the lead single release from the forthcoming Jibbs album. “Jibbs was so juiced by the remix technology,” says a Mixmonsta Partner, “that he volunteered to judge the best remixes himself, for an American Idol type of contest.” Already, fans have created thousands of personal “Chain Hang Low” music video remixes, increasing traffic on the Jibbs site and bolstering the single’s climb up the charts.

“It’s been a great first summer,” says Mixmonsta’s Founder. “We also launched music video remixers for Young Joc’s “It’s Goin’ Down,” Young Dro’s “Shoulder Lean,” and Busta Rhymes’ “I Love My Chick.” And they’re all on the charts right now.”


Future Of Music Coalition To Offer Free Health Insurance Advice To Musicians

The Washington DC-based non-profit organization Future of Music Coalition has implemented a health insurance guidance program for musicians called the Health Insurance Navigation Tool (HINT). To assist the well-being of U.S. -based independent art and music curators, the HINT program will provide information at the FMC website and will also offer free phone consultations with experts to discuss affordable health coverage options available to artists and musicians.

According to a 2002 survey conducted by the Future of Music Coalition, musicians who earn even a portion of their income playing music are less likely to have health insurance than the general population. Of nearly 3000 participants, the survey found that those individuals who are young and healthy feel coverage is an unnecessary expense and most (76%) guess that on a musician’s budget they are unable to afford the payments. (Survey results available online at

Yet, in the case of those who lack health insurance and delay or forego health care until situations get desperate, or as a result of a catastrophic event, patients can very easily find themselves in an even more dire situation, accumulating medical bills that may leave them with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

As a safety net for working artists and musicians who remain uninsured, HINT’s insurance consultants will help those interested to navigate through the often confusing process of obtaining health insurance. Taking into consideration an individual’s unique situations — fluctuating income due to month-to-month varying performance schedules, state of residence, age and health — the agents can direct musicians to websites and regional organizations that offer assistance or health insurance plans appropriate to meet their specific long-term health coverage needs.


9Sky Loses Internet Music Piracy Case To R2G In China

The Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court ordered Shanghai-based website to compensate digital music distributor R2G for providing unlicensed internet music streaming and downloading services – the first successful case of its kind for R2G involving piracy of online music.

Shanghai Yue Sheng Technology Co. Ltd., the owner of 9Sky were ordered to cease sales of the pirated full-length music streaming and download services immediately and also to compensate R2G the sum of RMB 89,000.

Since April 2005, R2G has been the assigned exclusive music publishing rights distributor of Universal Music Publishing. In June 2005, 9Sky was found to be providing streaming and downloading services for 11 of Universal Music Publishing’s titles without authorization. R2G subsequently requested 9Sky to stop the violation but as the latter had no intention of complying, it left R2G with no choice but to sue 9Sky in July 2005

This case involving online full-length music service piracy follows R2G’s recent successful lawsuits against & Hurray Solutions for the unlicensed use of ringtone applications for songs by popular Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.


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