The Indie News Beat for the week of September 15, 2005


September 15, 2005 Edition

* Latino Hip-Hop’s Chicano Radio Network Aids In Katrina Relief

* Harry Connick Jr. And Raise Money For Habitat For Humanity, New Orleans Division

* ASCAP Employees Announce Special Concert For Katrina Victims

* Download "City Of New Orleans" For Red Cross Donation @ Real/Rhapsody/Rolling Stone

* Musician Aids Katrina Victims

* Jay Johnson Releases Randy Newman’s Louisiana 1927 As A Free Download To Aid Hurricane Victims

* Gospel Rapper B-C Donates Album Sales To The Red Cross

* Capo Regime Teams With CD Baby For Hurricane Relief

* ICM Records Artist DJ Coles To Donate New CD Proceeds To Katrina Disaster Relief

* Broken Bow Records Steps Up To Help Hurricane Victims Immediately

* Rustie Blue Donating CD Sales To Red Cross

* Prince Pens Songs For Hurricane Relief

* Radio Groups Come Together To Form United Radio Broadcasters Of New Orleans

* Juvenile Spearheading New Orleans Relief Efforts

Latino Hip-Hop’s Chicano Radio Network Aids In Katrina Relief

The Chicano Radio Network is extending a unique invitation to the hip hop community and to the entire community as a whole. A unique unselfish opportunity to help aid the survivors of Katrina and to gain free advertising for your artist or business.

The Chicano Radio Network, the original radio stations bringing you the best in Latin music since 1995, are most widely known as a source for today¹s hip-hop, rap, and R&B from underground and unsigned artists.

"We at CRN were deeply touched by the losses endured by the good people of New Orleans and surrounding communities. Till the end of November we will be donating all of the proceeds for advertising to the relief efforts," said Frank Miranda CRN Live owner.


Harry Connick Jr. And Raise Money For Habitat For Humanity, New Orleans Division

Musicnotes, together with songwriter/artist Harry Connick Jr., today announced that all proceeds from the sale of downloadable sheet music for the song "City Beneath the Sea" will be donated to the New Orleans Division of Habitat for Humanity.

"City Beneath the Sea," written in 1996 as a tribute to his beloved city of birth, was specifically selected to be used in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort by Harry Connick Jr. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this $4.95 sheet music download, available exclusively at, will go towards the Habitat for Humanity relief program.

"We strongly encourage every musician to download and play Harry Connick Jr.’s love song to New Orleans," said Musicnotes CEO, Kathleen Marsh. "Not only will the proceeds go to a great organization, but the music will help soothe the soul while New Orleans is being rebuilt."

It was also announced last weekend that Connick has agreed to be honorary chair of Habitat for Humanity’s "Operation Home Delivery," a long-term rebuilding plan for the hurricane-damaged Gulf Coast. Connick has been an active promoter of the charity for years.


ASCAP Employees Announce Special Concert For Katrina Victims

The ASCAP Employees for Relief Fund announced a special concert scheduled for September 21, 2005 at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College in Manhattan (10th Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets) to benefit those suffering in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, particularly those who depend on the performance of music for their livelihood. The concert will feature over 50 talented ASCAP employees from several offices, which will be attended by all New York based employees. A limited number of seats will be made available to the general public on a first-come, first served basis in a unique effort to raise additional funds. For ticket availability and more details, please call the ASCAP Employees for Relief special concert hotline at 800-272-2795 or email

ASCAP has pledged to match all ASCAP employee donations dollar for dollar. ASCAP members and members of the music community are welcome and encouraged to send donations to The ASCAP Employees for Relief Fund c/o Joe Cocopardo (Treasurer), 1 Lincoln Plaza, New York, NY 10023.


Download "City Of New Orleans" For Red Cross Donation @ Real/Rhapsody/Rolling Stone

Toucan Cove Entertainment is offering the download of Rig the Jig’s "City of New Orleans" exclusively through Real Networks (Real / Rhapsody / Rolling for only 79 cents, with a portion of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund for New Orleans.

A folk classic written by Steve Goodman and covered by countless musicians in all genres, "City of New Orleans" is a slice of Americana filled with nostalgia and hope. Ireland’s Rig the Jig adds a celtic touch to the song which appears on their Toucan Cove release, Passing Through. A fan favorite, this version of "City of New Orleans" provides unique tone and personality with its traditional instrumentation and impeccable vocals. But more importantly, the song lyrically paints a picture of the history and majestic import of the city.

The "City of New Orleans" download special can be found on the Rhapsody and Real Music Store home pages now.


Musician Aids Katrina Victims

StreetWarrior has sent 75 street soldiers down to the Southern states affected by Katrina, with more to follow soon. These soldiers go in as underground, they have been disbursed evenly between LA and the Miss, they bring with them cash, food, toys, clothes, and much more needed things. They will get in there , and the StreetWarrior goal is to help and assist whoever they can down there in many ways. "Yo People dis sh_t isnt even funny" , states the StreetWarrior, "Fu_k Foreign Aid man , we gots some poor peeps rights here on our own turf dat needs all of our help and assistance"… " Dey be all suffering and dying da same as in da foreign countries, The American Goverment needs to stop throwin dem gutterballs and start shooting in the strike zone back here in da Americas"… " Yo so I guess I be seeing Ricky Martin down in New Orleans pitchin in like he was so qwik to do so in Tsunami eh ? "…

"Man dis aint da sixties, we can no longer just get away with doing a benefit concert with a bunch of performers and raise money and just simply mail da check out and den feel so much better cause we all did our good deed for that day , ‘no’ today dat is not enough anymores, it just aint gonna cut it in today’s tragic times", adds the Streetwarrior.

Upon asking, we learn that the notorious underground Streetwarrior has funded this 75 man expedition from his very own pocket …. " Songs are strong and resourceful, they can reach many and get da word out and get things done and people motivated , but above all , ‘actions and doing’ are da real deal thing" the Streetwarrior comments.


Jay Johnson Releases Randy Newman’s Louisiana 1927 As A Free Download To Aid Hurricane Victims

Dallas-based singer/songwriter Jay Johnson has released his 1990 recording of Randy Newman’s "Louisiana 1927" available as a free download on his site. They are requesting that the download be accompanied by a donation of your choice to aid the hurricane victims.

Johnson is a multi-award winning artist from Dallas who’s career in music holds many accolades. Among his latest accomplishments, he was voted Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2005 Texas Music Awards.


Gospel Rapper B-C Donates Album Sales To The Red Cross

B-C, Gospel rapper living in Baton Rouge LA, has partnered with and the American Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. All profits from the sale of my CDs purchased through will go to the American Red Cross.

B-C, understands what the people are going through from the first hit of Katrina in Florida to the devastation along the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. but he never seen anything like what we’re now witnessing."

He went on to say that, while communicating with friends about ways to help the survivors of Katrina, At the same time, he happened to receive an E-mail from Derek Sivers, the founder of (online music store) offering an easy method for musicians to donate the proceeds from selling their CDs on to the American Red Cross. This sealed the deal for the Gospel Rapper and now the profits that would normally go to B-C will instead go directly to the American Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The Autobiographical, My Testimony is dedicated to all of the people of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida,


Capo Regime Teams With CD Baby For Hurricane Relief

Capo Regime , the Las Vegas Centennial Theme Song Band, is teaming with CD Baby and an arsenal of other artists in donating all CD profits for the next several months to aid the survivors of Katrina in the Gulf States.

The band’s popular CD "Let It Ride" containing the mega-hit "Las Vegas Theme" ("What Happens Here Stays Here"), and a club version of same, is currently being marketed digitally through CD Baby and is also available for download from Apple iTunes.


ICM Records Artist DJ Coles To Donate New CD Proceeds To Katrina Disaster Relief

DJ Coles is nothing more than a servant Christian Recording Artist who has been touched deeply by the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. With an expected regional release of his new project, "Your Grace" scheduled for late September and a national release scheduled for the spring of 2006, Coles is poised to aid in the Hurricane relief efforts by donating proceeds immediately after his CD is released.

The title track of DJ Coles’ upcoming project, "Your Grace" is a song that speaks to the listener’s spirit. The lyrics offer hope, healing and promise during this time of chaos for all those affected by Hurricane Katrina, especially for those who cannot find missing families and friends.

"It is a hard, uncertain time for many people right now. I want people to know there is a hope for their broken spirits," says Coles.

Being that Coles is also a youth pastor, his heart aches for the children and families who are without homes, electricity, and other daily necessities. His goal is to gain support for funds to help as many people as possible who are in desperate need.


Broken Bow Records Steps Up To Help Hurricane Victims Immediately

It was announced by Broken Bow Records’ President/CEO Benny Brown that the record label, in conjunction with RED Distribution and CRT Custom Products, will donate $1 per unit sold on all BBR CD products including Craig Morgan, Jason Aldean, Joe Diffie and Sherrie Austin from today through 2005. These funds will benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to assist the Hurricane Katrina victims.

Hurricane Katrina has left a trail of devastation throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Much of the Gulf Coast is obliterated and floodwaters continue to rise in the overwhelmed city of New Orleans. Millions of people are suffering and desperately need water, food, shelter and medical care today, as well as help coping with what promises to be a major long-term recovery effort.

"The devastation is overwhelming and we all need to help in the relief effort as quickly and with as much compassion as possible," said Benny Brown. "Effective immediately, Broken Bow Records will donate $1 per unit sold on all BBR CD products with the hope of raising one million dollars by the end of the year. We may be considered a small company by some, but I’m proud to say that everyone at BBR has a huge heart when it comes to helping others and with a team like ours, great things can happen!"


Rustie Blue Donating CD Sales To Red Cross

Rustie Blue will be donating all profits from CD sales to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Fans can purchase any of Rustie’s three CD’s from CDBaby: Chip Chip, Enter At Your Own Risk, and That Oughta Do It

Rustie Blue has released the third single off of her Chip Chip cd titled "Tomorrow Tonight". The song was written by Deborah Allen and Bill Anderson (who is also Rustie’s duet partner on "Chip Chip"). This mid-tempo ballad is about a couple getting together for the very first time and not worrying about anything else but that moment.

Rustie Blue was also in Country Weekly, again! The August 1 issue mentions in the Scene and Heard section that Rustie & Bill Anderson won the ECMA "Vocal Collaboration of the Year" for "Chip Chip", their hit duet. Also, Music City News has Rustie as the Artist of Interest for their August/September issue. Fans can listen to song clips and read more about Rustie in the feature!

After recently parting ways with Bluesprings Music Group, Rustie Blue has signed a new booking agent agreement with Mission Country (Rachael Warwick, Arley Karlsen) for France and other European countries. Jean Claude Paulin du Besset of Mission Country will continue putting together a European tour for Rustie during 2006.


Prince Pens Songs For Hurricane Relief

In response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Prince has written 2 songs and will donate all proceeds to hurricane relief efforts.

The cybersingles "SST" and "Brand New Orleans" are now available for download at Prince’s official website, NPG Music Club ( The classic and timely track "U Will be Moved," from Mavis Staples’ CD The Voice, has also been added to the download store to aid the relief effort.

"SST" and "Brand New Orleans" were recorded early Friday morning, September 2, at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis and released through his NPG Music Club the following day. Prince played all the instruments and sang all vocals.

The Musicology Download Store at the NPGMC offers well over 200 Prince songs, videos and ringtones direct from the source. The NPG Music Club was created in 2001 and is currently the top artist-owned and completely independent download service, winning "Best Use of Technology by an Artist" from the Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards. The website’s download store, offering music and videos, is available to members and non-members alike. Members receive a discount on all downloads, plus exclusive opportunities, merchandise and access to an active and vibrant online global Prince fan community.


Radio Groups Come Together To Form United Radio Broadcasters Of New Orleans

In response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the radio groups serving New Orleans and the surrounding area have come together to form the United Radio Broadcasters of New Orleans. The United Radio Broadcasters of New Orleans is a joint effort to provide the region with the most complete, reliable and consistent radio broadcast of emergency recovery and relief information. It is comprised of stations operated by Clear Channel Radio, Entercom Communications and independent stations 1470 KLCL in Lake Charles and 1290 KJEF in Jennings. The collaboration features Entercom’s WWL-AM 870, enhanced by the resources of the other Entercom and Clear Channel stations in the region. The Louisiana Network out of Baton Rouge is also providing important facilities support.

An estimated 15 stations are combining programming and engineering resources that began airing the same broadcast at 10:00 p.m. Central Time last night. Programming consists of continuous news, information and coverage of local relief efforts, and will include live feeds from street reporters and interviews and updates from local officials and relief coordinators. A toll-free 800 number will allow listeners to call in with their experiences, eyewitness reports and questions. In addition, the stations will share a helicopter to transport engineers to transmitter sites and assist in the evacuation of employees as needed.


Juvenile Spearheading New Orleans Relief Efforts

Atlantic recording artist Juvenile, whose New Orleans home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, is helping spearhead the movement by the music community to organize relief efforts for his native city.

"Our city of New Orleans and several other surrounding cities are experiencing total devastation," said Juvenile. "People have lost their loved ones, their homes, their belongings, and their jobs. Many of our folks in New Orleans didn’t have much to begin with and now they have now lost everything. Everyone has to pull together to help all those who have suffered these great losses.

"We as Americans were so responsive to the world in the face of the tsunami, and we have sent our troops and our money to Iraq and Afghanistan," Juvenile continued. "So I am sure that we, as individuals and as a country, can apply to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida the massive level of effort and giving which is surely demanded now. Please keep our city, its people, and our families in your prayers and donate whatever you can to the Red Cross."

Teruis Gray, aka Juvenile, was not in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. His home was located near the water on Lake Pontchartrain, in St. Tammany Parish in the city of Slidell. New Orleans’ neighbor to the east, Slidell was crossed by the eye of the hurricane, and Juvenile lost his house and all of his possessions. The multi-platinum rapper grew up in the Magnolia Projects in the center of New Orleans, and he has always been a New Orleans resident. His parents also live in New Orleans, and he has over 200 relatives in the area. The locations of many of his family members are still unknown, and only about half of them were able to get out before the hurricane arrived. Many of his friends also have still to locate family members.


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