The Indie Newsbeat for the week of May 15, 2006


May 15, 2006 Edition

* Mariana Bell Makes Second GarageBand ‘Track Of The Day’ Feature

* Braun and Brains Music Riding High Tide with Next Wave CD

* Like A River Featured on CBC Radio One’s BC Almanac

* Kobo Town Sets Up Residency In Bytown

* National Student Music Awards UK Final

* Indie Rocker Monica Yonge Releases New Single “One Way Track”

* R&B Hip Hop Talent Search For TuneTank Compilation CD

* New London Fire Annouce Album

* HOURCAST To Release State Of Disgrace On Alkamedia Records

Mariana Bell Makes Second GarageBand ‘Track Of The Day’ Feature

New-York based singer/songwriter Mariana Bell has once again been alerted by that she would have her song “Scene From the Movie” featured as ‘Track of the Day’ “as a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members” noted the site. “Scene From the Movie,” which has been awareded 5 stars, will be featured on the 17th of May, 2006 (PST) in the’s Folk front page at

Mariana has been busy introducing her self-tiltled EP, making her debut performance at Philadelphia’s renowned World Cafe Live on April 22th, and following with a show this 28th of May at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall. She was also selected to play the 1st Annual Texas Independent Musicians (T.I.M.) Showcase at the Troubadour Saloon during the 2006 South by Southwest (SXSW) music and film festival and conference in Austin.


Braun and Brains Music Riding High Tide with Next Wave CD

Braun and Brains Music hits a new high with the release of their paramount CD, Next Wave. The CD is a collection of tunes spanning various music genres including pop rock to alternative to roots rock, electronica, americana, smooth jazz, new age, funk, hip hop and country. Twenty original songs by twenty unique artists equates to a blend of music sure to tantalize your senses and embrace your soul.

The Next Wave compilation is another captivating project by Braun and Brains Music, geared to broadening it’s scope to include new independent labels and artists. “Our mission is to offer the best in unique and imaginative unsigned music and to provide creative promotional opportunities for independent artists,” the President of Braun and Brains Music, Norine Braun clarifies.

“These songs stand out in that they have all the elements of a great composition, such as outstanding and brilliant melodies, poetic thoughtful lyrics, excellent and intriguing productions.” Braun offers. “The songs are brimming with intense emotional expressions, polished heartfelt performances and authenticity. Most of all they moved me in some way.” Norine Braun is a songwriter-recording artist with 5 independent releases and her distinct sound has charted on college charts including Top 10 and has been featured in film and TV. She was honored with the Stonewall Society Musician of the Year Award for album Now and Zen and Winner of Artists For Literacy International Songwriting competition.

The contributing artists and their unrivaled sounds are a reflection of the brightest and most talented artists selected from hundreds of submissions sent to Braun and Brains Music from around the world. “Diversity in the compilation is very much treated like an album though the genres are widely different, it flows like a solo artist album or great mix tape. The project is put together by an independent artist not a corporation so the bottom line is about putting together a work of art, making a statement about independent music today.” Braun explains. “These songs rose to the top as we waded through submissions and the dedication of the artists to their craft and muse was apparent with one listen. With many listens the songs remain fresh and compelling.”

Next Wave includes tracks from a contrasting group of independent artists and gives them a platform to showcase their talent. From Norine Braun’s sophisicated 70’s retro blend, the disturbing yet contagious goth pop of Morgan, the merry Americana melodies for morose malcontents by MINiMAL, the emotional folk and blues offerings of Holly Figueroa, the gritty R&B flavoured hip hop of Flow to the soulful rock sounds of Raymond Fiore – the ensemble is unprecedented and enthralling.

With an uncompromising blend of sounds and lyrics, Braun and Brains Music has been successful in assembling an array of eclectic, emotionally charged artists and their songs that are certain to tantalize and mesmerize even the most discriminating ears. Each song was hand-picked for its ability to engulf, captivate and charm its audience and regenerate their longing for consequential lyrics and engaging musical composition.


Like A River Featured on CBC Radio One’s BC Almanac

Lee Lindsey’s song Like A River from her debut album I was featured on CBC Radio One’s BC Almanac show on Friday April 28, 2006.

Lee released her debut album I via bi-continental upstart Tall Poppy Records in 2001. She recently released her second album, Above The Madding Crowd this month via Tall Poppy Records as well.

B.C. Almanac airs daily from noon to 2 PM. The show connects British Columbians as they share stories and ideas about what they have in common and what makes them different.

During the first hour, listeners hear interviews and news from around the province. At 1:05 p.m., the phone lines open. Topics range from the top B.C. news stories to what’s new and controversial in areas such as health and education.


Kobo Town Sets Up Residency In Bytown

Toronto-based Caribbean band Kobo Town is proud to announce their monthly residency at Mercury Lounge, a Mecca for the arts in Canada’s capital city, located at 56 Byward St., Ottawa. Kobo Town’s residency dates include May 27, June 17 and Canada Day (July 1), after which the band will play the first Saturday of every month. The residency comes on the heels of the band’s debut album “InDependence” slated for release in early June.

The band will be delivering their unique brand of old-time kaiso (calypso), roots reggae and dub to a city already familiar with many of the members who played under the band’s prior incarnation as Outcry. “Outcry had really developed a following in Ottawa. So for many us, it’s a little like coming back home,” noted band leader Drew Gonsalves. “And Kobo Town has gotten such a great vibe from playing at the Mercury Lounge, we can’t think of a better venue to have our Ottawa residency.”

Dubbed ‘Toronto’s hottest new Calypso-Reggae-Jazz ensemble’ by’s Shawna Marlay, Kobo Town has been making their mark in their hometown of Toronto where they recently opened for calypso legend David Rudder and Caribbean-jazz giant Andy Narell at the Mod Club’s Jazz by Genre concert on April 2. The concert brought them a prominent feature that night on CityTV’s 11 PM news edition as well as a series of radio interviews, including:

* Big City, Small World with Claudia Garcia de la Huerta (CBC 99.1)

* Liming in de African Diaspora with Verlia (CKLN 88.1)

* Island Breeze with Jarrod Lall (CIUT 89.5)

* Global Rhythms with Ken Stowar (CIUT 89.5)

* Caribbean Connection with Jai Ojah Maharaj (CHIN 100.7)

* Smooth Jazzy Grooves with Glen Morgan (CHRY 105.5)

“It was clear that things were jammin’ the moment I walked in the door. I was late, of course, but I was lucky enough tocatch the tail end of a set by a fairly new band called Kobo Town, made up of talented young Toronto Trinis with a very cool vibe. The front man is Drew Gonzalez, and I’ll be surprised if this band doesn’t go places. Calypso, rapso (a 3-Canal feel, but more laid back) and a flaming saxophone kept the audience very happy.” Donna Yawching, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday


National Student Music Awards UK Final

There’s nothing worse than being the very first band on a lineup that includes 6 (with the Headliners), knowing that most people are not even dreaming of getting to the venue for at least another hour.

Having said that, Lotus Lullaby made the most of the situation, going first in the UK Final of the National Student Music Awards in London on Thursday. Before they were done they had made themselves a nice handful of admirers in the nice handful of a crowd. Only about 50 people were stood in front of the stage when they started. By the time they finished, this had swelled to about 200 or so, punters making their way in from the adjoining bars to see what the fuss was all about, because fuss there most certainly was.

Instead of the usual sporadic round of polite applause that you would normally get when each song finishes, Lotus Lullaby were rewarded for their efforts with serious and sustained whistles and clapping. They had, certainly, made themselves some new fans.

In terms of the judges, though, not enough. Unofficial reports afterwards suggested that the vote came down to one judge. Half put the Irish lads as best, and half put them as Runners Up. Lotus Lullaby apparently ended up as Runners Up to the Bloc Party-like Olympus Mons by one point. Kind of like winning an election on second preference votes. The English winners were good, and realatively easy on the ear (although, in my opinion, not nearly as entertaining) and were obviously much more ‘topical’ then the hard-to-categorise Irish winners.

Overall the gig was enjoyable but nothing more than that. The rest of the bands who made it through hundreds of entries to reach the Final were not much more than filling for the sandwich between Lutos Lullaby and Olympus Mons. One was a bit too “Madchester”, one not much more than a pub/party band and another was just plain uninteresting. I can’t recall a single song from any of them, although that could be down to the quantities of Southern Comfort consumed since the night (it was a three-day marathon for us although it seems like it was three weeks). All in all, as Lotus Lullaby’s Gavin Dunne stated on the night: It was a disappointment if not really a surprise and it was a pretty good first-ever London gig. Olympus Mons were very good at what they did. Picture Bloc Party mixed with…. well, more Bloc Party and you’ll get the idea.


Indie Rocker Monica Yonge Releases New Single “One Way Track”

Songwriter/guitarist Monica Yonge is a unsigned musician from Toronto, Canada. Her new single “One Way Track” is a euphony of alternative/pop/rock. Yonge’s new single can be heard at her myspace page. One Way Track is available by mail order only.

Monica Yonge’s debut “Rock On” released in October 2004 went to the number one spot on KGFM Grossmont College Radio and has received radio play in Canada and the U.S. She is also the founder/publisher of e-zine


R&B Hip Hop Talent Search For TuneTank Compilation CD

Tunetank is going to BillBoard R&B HipHop Music Conference & Awards 2006 USA to showcase the finest young R&B Hip Hop emerging artists & songwriters on our special release compilation CD “TuneTank R&B HipHop Express @ Billboard R&B HipHop Music Conference & Awards 2006 “.

The CD will be distributed to all 1000 Billboard R&B HipHop Music Conference & Awards 2006 delegates: agents, managers, producers, press and record label executives, music publishers, radio, and music supervisors for film & TV.

GET ON IT: TuneTank is now looking for artists & songwriters seeking individual song placement opportunities.

Selected participants will also receive feature space on the TuneTank website, 5 copies of the CD for their own use.

Genres accepted are R&B, Urban, Hip Hop and Rap.

Deadline is May 30th 2006

Submissions are now open at our partner site Sonicbids


New London Fire Annouce Album

First, after a very long wait, New London Fire and the Eyeball family would like to happily announce today that we finally have a release date SET for the upcoming full-length: “I Sing The Body Holographic” (EYB-044) for the end of the summer. Sadly, we cannot give the exact date yet but the 12 songs include “Different” and “We Don’t Bleed” from the limited-edition “Different” EP as well as tracks “When I Try,” “I Sing The Body Holographic,” “Tonight,” “Someone Like You,” “To Breathe,” “Nadine,” “Happy Now,” “You Will Disappear,” “Gremlin in the Machine” and “Somewhere In Between.”

Second, confirmed upcoming shows include these recent additions/changes :

5/12/2006 – Oakland NJ @ the Oakland Elks Lodge (33 Ramapo Valley Rd)
**the Jason Debiak special day celebration**

5/22/2006 – New York, NY @ Avalon (47 w. 20th st)
w/ Mute Math and Action Action

5/23/2006 – Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (downstairs)
w/ Mute Math and Action Action


HOURCAST To Release State Of Disgrace On Alkamedia Records

Heavy music is often the result of deep emotions. Sadness, frustration and anger combined with a musician’s talent can result in music which is awesomely powerful, uniquely deep, and thought-provoking. Such is the case with HourCast.

Born out of Boston, Massachusetts, HourCast combines elements of hard rock and metal with a distinct electronic influence. “We had no preconceptions as to what the band would sound like,” says vocalist Patrick McBride. The members of HourCast ­ Mcbride, drummer Jerry Clews, guitarist David Henriquez and bassist David Sullivan – have combined their varied influences to create a unique sound that incorporates the heavy flavor of Deftones and Tool with the dark electronic atmosphere of Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

The somber tones of State Of Disgrace are a result of these efforts. From the introspective opening track “This Life”, to “Freeze” (which McBride describes as an “epic, desperate song”) State Of Disgrace has a cold, sharp intensity. The self-loathing “Smash Up” eschews a bitter tone, while “Lunar” tells a tale of longing and loneliness. “The music and lyrics are a reflection of what was going on at the time,” explains McBride. “I found myself in a new environment and was going through a big change in my life and that comes out in the songs.” State Of Disgrace will be available at iTunes on May 2nd and in stores on June 20th, 2006.

Not being signed to a label could serve as a liability to some bands, but not HourCast. “We didn’t have a label telling us what to do and that allowed us to add variety and flavor to the album,” says McBride. HourCast is a band looking to gain ground in the current music scene. “Myspace and live shows are definitely helping us to build a fan base,” says McBride.


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