The International Pop Overthrow festival-L.A. wraps-up, on to San Francisco

The L.A event wrapped up Sunday in Stanton Park, as indie/pop fans were treated to some of the best pop bands from around the country and locally. I attended the show Saturday night at Fitzgeralds Pub in Hungtington Beach . For a $10 cover I got to see 6 great bands all of whom should easily be getting more radio time than most of who pop radio is currently polluting our airspace with.

While all the artists that played IPO deserve honorable mentions, two immediately grabbed my attention. The Shambles (a quartet of thirty and forty-somethings that reminded me of the sound of the neo-mod movement of the late 70’s and early 80’s) and sparkle*jets u.k an eclectic mix of musicians whose sound ranged from juiced up power pop to Beatlesque. (In-depth interview with the latter forthcoming) On top of that: Swag! Everyone at the show got the 2006 IPO disk for free! 70 songs from some of the best international indie/pop bands around-Woohoo!

Speaking with David Bash, the event’s organizer, after the show, he mentioned it was the best L.A. IPO yet-his highlight so far was having the legendary Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. perform the previous Tuesday at Spaceland. So what is Bash’s vision for IPO ten years from now? – That this kind of music- from indie artist who can play solid, popular music will "seep into the hearts and minds of the public"; that merit of the music will make it popular, not how well the performers are marketed. And why not believe its possible, after all "pop" and "indie" don’t have to be mutually exclusive of each other, consider their definitions…but that’s a whole other discussion. Until such time that Nick, Ashley and Lindsay can write and perform their own stuff, there’s IPO.

Hear some of the best talent at the upcoming IPO shows in San Francisco, August 16-22; Seattle, August 24-27 and Vancouver, August 30-September 2. for more info