The Land of the Free?

OK let me get this straight. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull criticizes all the American flags people have flying in the States and he has to apologize while an Asbury Park classic rock station removes Jethro Tull’s music from their playlist. The Dixie Chicks criticize George Bush and everybody freaks out and a whole bunch of radio stations start banning their music and attacking the group for being “un-American.” What part of freedom of speech don’t people understand here? I don’t want to get political here but why is freedom of speech only popular when it doesn’t ruffle any feathers? Geez I don’t even like these two groups and I’m talking about them! Come on people, remember the marketplace of ideas and all that good democratic stuff. I thought that’s what we in the West are supposed to be promoting. Sorry for this non-rock and roll interlude. I just realized that I have made “political” references in the last 3 posts! Ah well, tommorrow we’ll talk about Keith Richards!