The Man Who Shoots For The Stars..”Stage Dive Photography”

tony6 300Good morning to all you Rock and Roll People out there…..Today I want to do something a Little different. We promote everything that Rocks here @ The Rock and Roll  Report and today you will be Introduced to someone who does exactly this…His name is Tony and he is “Stage Dive Photography”.

We see all the shots that just ooze Rock and Roll and now you can find out just what it is like to be on the other side….behind the camera….Catching all the Moments that make us scream out  YES I so want to be there……..

Before I start Tony I would  just like to thank you and Welcome you To The Rock and Roll Report……

I enjoy all your Shots, and when I see how you capture the Moment it makes me want to sell up and move your way….where all the good Bands and Times are …….

Shaz: How long have you been into photography and what inspired you to pursue it?

Tony: Hi Shaz! Well, I’ve enjoyed photography for about 25yrs now. I bought a 2nd hand Canon A1 off a guy at work. I had visions of becoming a world famous wildlife photographer!!

Shaz: What did you do to gain so much knowledge in this area?

Tony: Initially I went to a night school and learnt some basic technical stuff, but at the time I was a pretty lazy 19 yr old and wasn’t really motivated enough to really get into the developing side of things, remember this was way before the age of digital!!

Shaz: When did your career start?

Tony: My career as a rock tog is fairly recent. I got back into shooting live stuff about 18 mths ago, but just recently I lost my day job, so I’m now trying to develop this into a full time career(no pun intended!!)

Shaz:  Who or what influenced you to become a photographer?

Tony: Music!! As simple as that, I’ve always been into my music but was never talented enough to be in a band. So along with my wife Cath, we spend most of our free time going to gigs. A lot of our strongest friendships have come from music.

Shaz: What have been some of your best experiences photographing bands?

Tony: The friends we’ve made over the years!!  When you take a photo of someone you create a bond and that bond can develop into a strong friendship.
Recently I was able to meet some real legends, Bruce Foxton who was bass player for The Jam and various members of Hawkwind, but for me it’s all about being down the front capturing that special moment.

Shaz: Do you believe in the expression “A picture is worth 1,000 words”? If yes, why do you believe this is true?

Tony: If you capture the moment just right then you can give people the feeling of being there. You can have a great review, but you can have an awesome photograph!!

Shaz: Do you have a special style in your photographs that can single you out like strokes in a painting? How do you describe your photographic style?

Tony: I like to think of my style as gritty. Where you have different genres of music I like to think of my work as the rock and roll of photography, dark, grainy, moody. I grew up in the dark dingy smoke filled clubs of the late 70’s early 80’s, and you don’t see that sort of atmosphere very often these days, so I try and use all the tools at my disposal to try and re-create those golden years!!

Shaz: What makes a good photographer in your opinion?

Tony: I think a good rock photographer is first and foremost a rock fan who likes to take pictures, rather than a photographer whose job it is to photograph rock bands. I always try and get the essence of the music into my work.

Shaz: In your opinion, what makes photography an art?

Tony: Like all visual art, you’ve got to be able to picture how you want the final image in your head. To me the initial capture is akin to an artist drawing a rough pencil sketch, then where the artist then goes into the studio and works on that sketch until they’re happy with it, I go to my pc and manipulate the image till I get the desired result. That’s what makes it an art form.

Shaz: Who are your influences?

Tony: To be honest I don’t look at another photographers work and think that I’d like to emulate it, I take all my influences from the bands I shoot.

Shaz: What equipment do you use?

Tony: I’ve got a Nikon D50, with a 17-55mm and 55-200mm Nikkor lens. I’m just about to get a 50mm f1.8 lens, which will take my work to another level. It’s like comparing normal TV to HD

Shaz: And something I always love to ask the Bands and Im sure you have your moments also…..what if any have been the most way out thing to happen to you while on a Shoot with a Band…..

Tony: Unfortunately, I’ve had pretty boring shoots in that respect so far, nothing outrageous or wacky. What I would say is though I’ve made some great friends and I’d like to thank some special people for supporting me over these last few months. Voodoo Johnson, a great rock band who have let me tag along and use them as my guinea pigs as I developed my style. Really are the nicest rock band you will ever meet. Anubis, another great rock band I’ve had the pleasure in working with, who have even gone as far as calling me their official photographer!! DJ Beerman and Mrs J at Top Rock Radio. Ian and Dawn at Black Scorpion Promotions But most of all my wife Cath who is the rock in my life.
Thank you Shaz, for this interview, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Shaz: Well thank you Tony for taking the time out of your Busy lifestyle to do this Interview….Know we love your work and I hope this gets you out there with Bands who haven’t heard of you but now will…….Take care and Keep all your Rock and Roll magic happening….Your In “The Zone”

hugs Shaz xox (On behalf of The Rock and Roll Report Team)

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