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The MusicDish Network

Over the last few weeks I have been featuring the weekly Indie News Beat column from the MusicDish Network that I hope you have been enjoying. While it is important for me that The Rock and Roll Report reflect my belief as to what constitutes niche-free rock and roll I really want to expand the site to include new voices and information since it is just not possible for one guy working alone to cover all of the great rock and roll that is available these days. I have been lucky in having a number of contributors to the site who have really complimented what I humbly bring to the table and using some of the great resources of the Music Dish Network will just enable me to expand the reach of the site, especially when it comes to helpful resources for indie bands and musicians. With that in mind, you will start to see regular articles from MusicDish for the most part specifically dealing with the DIY aspects of being a musician. Since I hope to encourage both rock and roll fans by introducing them to some great music that they may not be aware of as well as encouraging musicians in continuing to blaze their rock and roll trail, I hope that these articles will serve as both helpful guides and a source of inspiration as you strive to fulfill your rock and roll aspirations. The first article, Part 1 of “Tips for Bands and Artists Seeking Management” will debut March 20th, 2005. I hope it helps.