The MySpace Music Store

The recent announcement that MySpace is opening a music store for unsigned musicians is, to me a very cool development. What MySpace will offer unsigned musicians is a place to upload their music into the vast MySpace ecosystem so that they may gain visibility amongst the gazillion people who maintain a presence on the site. Depending on the popularity of the band, a download may or may not cost money but one thing that is for sure is that the MP3 will be unencumbered by DRM copy management. While this is a "good thing" the trick for any unsigned band is to figure out how to make themselves visible in the already over-crowded social networking site. I can’t keep up with the music already there so I wonder how I will be able to stay on top of all the unsigned bands that I may be interested in for my site and radio show.

Other than that though this may well prove to be yet another positive development for unsigned bands. It will allow them to broaden their reach beyond where they can tour and hopefully it will gain them exposure and just as importantly, cash to keep the rock and roll machine rolling. Let’s hope it all works out.