The Rebel Reviewer Catches the Trews Live and Unplugged

The Trews
Unplugged @ The Casbah
Hamilton, Ontario
January 27, 2009

I’ve always liked the Trews from the first time I heard them. This time we were given something a little different, something extra special. The unplugged version. It almost looked like an impromptu band on the side of Yonge Street playing for pocket change with the watered down set and no fancy lights or stage show. The tiny bar in Hamilton they were playing was the Casbah, no bigger than the main floor of my townhouse! I couldn’t believe such a great band would play that small a venue but I don’t mind one bit. Seeing a band like The Trews in an intimate little closet like the Casbah is something to really remember.

The hardest working band in Canada, pulled off a long set of Trews classics and even laid some new tunes down to hold us over til they deliver their next full length album. I’ve said it before that these guys are perched on the edge of HUGE. If they don’t take that extra step to the place they rightfully belong real soon, I’ll be very surprised. They just need to tap into the same thinking that Finger Eleven, 3 Days Grace and Theory of a Deadman aspired to and they’re in, if they want it… I just hope they don’t end up on the same path as one of my all-time favourite Canadian bands, Big Sugar, where something went wrong just when they were poised to take over the world. In a selfish way, I have to admit I don’t mind when that happens cuz from a fan’s perspective it is never hard to get a ticket or a photo pass but for a band to continue down the path of just getting by, almost always leads to the inevitable which is the end of a great rock band.

The Trews IS a great rock band that has shown diversity in songwriting, musicianship and a work ethic unparalleled in these tough economic times. If you haven’t figured out that the Trews is a great band yet, you need to open your ears and pay attention for a minute. You just might end up with a new favourite band.

Mike Forbes
Rebel Reviewer Dot Com