Live Rock and Roll

The reviews are pouring in for Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival

“It was a wonderful mess” was the way Newsday described the festival capping performance of Iggy Pop but perhaps that is an apt description of the incredible rock and roll marathon that was Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival. Typically the press were all over the place with their reviews. Reuters and Newsday thought it was great, the New York Times thought it wasn’t so great. The NME thought that the Strokes were wonderful, a lot of the fans posting to the ‘Net thought that they were a little bit less so but all in all this hopefully to be annual event to me signifies much more than “nostalgia” or “revivalism.” Granted I am personally more interested in the newer bands on the bill like the High Dials and The Charms but I think that Iggy Pop and Bo Diddley showed that they weren’t ready for the retirement home just yet thank you very much. Rock and roll is an art form that must be performed regularly for it to matter. Who performs it will always change but the very fact that this festival exists and draws in fans from young and old is both important and vital (12 hours of rock and roll for 20 bucks!). Complain all you want about the artificiality of music these days but sample even just a handful of the bands that performed Saturday and you come to the realization that not only is real, live off the floor rock and roll still being performed with reckless abandon but it is out there and available for your listening pleasure right now. For a lot of us, rock and roll does indeed still matter. It is still fun, fast and not always pretty but it adds a neccessary spice to our musical diets and we cannot get enough of it. Obviously neither can Little Steven and his cohorts and hopefully neither can you. Just a taste of real, honest to goodness rock and roll is all that you will need. If you went to this festival. you would have gotten drunk on the music alone. What better way can there possibly be to spend a day?
UPDATE! Battle of the Bands winners Muck and the Mires have posted some video of their performance at the Festival on their website.