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The Rock and Roll Band of the Week is Hundred Days

hundred days band shotIn the quiet countryside of Somerset, England, a band is emerging that is currently wowing crowds and laying waste to venues.

Hundred Days are a 3 piece Rock Band hailing from a small town called Yeovil, not perhaps known for it’s Rock ‘N’ Roll legacy, but in years to come this may change.

They have created a sound which can be best described as Led Zeppelin on steroids, that classic rock influence with a harder edge.

There debut album ‘How A War Is Won’ was recorded and produced by the band themselves, and features a collection of quite superb maturely written songs.

The standout track on the album is the immensely catchy ‘No Better’ which really showcases the power of vocalist Stuart Curtin, who with his long hair and gritty voice is the perfect Rock front man.

The further you listen to the album it is clear that Hundred Days have a huge talent for creating excellent Rock tunes that stay etched on your mind for a long time.

In a time when Labels want band’s to do more and more of there own promotion before they consider taking them on board, Hundred Day’s have the right idea. Along with the recording and production of there album, they have also created various fan pages on different social networking sites, set up mailing list’s, and have allowed fans to buy there album for free on there website. This D.I.Y method will undoubtedly impress prospective labels.

The music though is what they need, and they certainly have it. It is very hard to find a filler track on the album, and with a second album coming soon, things are going in the right direction for the band.

If you like your Rock music catchy, punchy, and with the ability to slap you round the ear holes, then you will love Hundred Days.
The next big thing in Rock? You will have to be the judge, but if what they have done so far is anything to go by then the answer could just be yes.