Record Labels

The Rock and Roll Record Label of the Week is: Smile Records

Somewhere in California, ultra cool power pop lives and breathes on a record label that knows nothing else. On that label are a bunch of bands that ooze rock and roll hooks. And one of those bands wrote a song called “My Sharona” that you know you love but you just aren’t man enough to admit it. That label is Smile Records. Run by Tony Valenziano (who is interviewed by Publicity Whore here) Smile Records is home to such great bands as the Wondermints, sparkle*jets U.K. and of course The Knack. You can get a taste of Smile Records by checking out Smile Radio and try before you buy. Not only will listening to Smile Records make you smile, it will also make you grin, smirk and giggle. Gotta love it.