The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week are The Neighborhood Bullys

This site is called the “Rock and Roll Report” for a reason. I always use the term rock and roll because, despite what some might have you believe, the term rock and roll is not some throwback to the late ’50s and early ’60s. Far from it. For me rock and roll is the great umbrella term that encompasses all that makes music rock and roll. Whether it be punk or power pop or heavy metal, it is all rock and roll. Whether it be the influences of soul, R & B or the Blues it shaped what I call rock and roll. Whether it be the Beatles from the past or the Neighborhood Bullys of the present, all these sounds comprise the body of work referred to simply as rock and roll. No ifs, ands or buts. The tradition that is rock and roll pulls from so many divergent interests that it is just easier to lump it all into one simplistic, maddeningly vague term that both sparks arguments and yet seems to say it all.

Why have I spent a whole paragraph debating the merits of the term “rock and roll?” Because this week’s Band of the Week the Neighborhood Bullys get what I am talking about. The Neighborhood Bullys touch a number of rock and roll cornerstones from soul to punk to early Stones swagger to post-modern Knack power pop tight fit songs that burrow into your ears and stick with you for weeks. They have the attitude in both their music and their lyrics (“I’m bored, you’re boring, let’s fight!”) that makes you want to take a run at the stage and pogo your brains out before crashing into some tables on the way to getting another beer or three at the bar. Just a glance at the tracks from their recently released Mike Chapman produced CD What? will have you nodding your head in agreement. Tracks like “Let Me Be Me,” “Lead With Your Lips,” “Why I Steal,” “Go Back (To Drinking)” are all rock and roll personified.

Now is the time to check out this LA band while they still play those small clubs that imbue rock and roll character and where you can really and truly come face to face with what rock and roll is really all about.

If you head over to you can download their new single Downtown recorded with brand new guitarist Tex Mosely!


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  1. This band really captures all that is good about Rock & Roll. I can definitely hear the influences from all across the board and they pull it together wonderfully. I’m lovin’ it! Hopefully they’ll make their way from LA down to SD sometime so I can catch the live show.

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