The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is 4LYN

The German foursome known as 4LYN has made some serious strides since forming shortly after the dawn of the 21st Century. They’ve released four charting, well received albums, along with a slew of successful singles. They’ve toured the length and breadth of Europe with such stars as Papa Roach, Thumb and Therapy?–including a July 2006 gig in exotic Istanbul, Turkey, as sole support act for Guns ’N Roses, where 4LYN raised the roof with a rockin’ performance in front of 15,000 appreciative fans. Half a dozen music videos have received prominent airplay from a variety of sources, including MTV Europe, VIVA, VIVA Plus, NBC GIGA and many more. They’ve made numerous appearances on European television, including MTV Select and “Top of the Pops.” They contributed a song, “Me vs. Me,” to the top action movie of 2002, the Vin Diesel vehicle “XXX” (“Triple X”), and also had their tune “Kisses of a Strobelight” chosen for a worldwide television campaign by French auto maker Renault. Video game manufacturer Sega hand-picked the band to do music for their popular “Sega Soccer Slam” title…and as if that weren’t enough, they also composed the theme song, “Go, Sea Devils,” for the local NFL Europa squad, the Hamburg Sea Devils, and performed at halftime during several of their games. Could it be coincidence that the Sea Devils won their first title this year? We think not!

An impressive résumé for a young band, no? Now, though, the Hamburg-based quartet is ready to take it to a higher level yet with the January 2008 release of “Hello,” their fifth studio album. Filled with fist-pumping guitar riffs and anthemic, singalong choruses, “Hello” represents a quantum leap forward for the talented foursome. “This record represents four young men with a lot of stories to tell,” says 4LYN frontman Ron “Brasko” Cazzato. “‘Hello’ reflects what we’ve experienced over the past few years–more than any other record we’ve done before. We grew and so did the music we play, but without any negative side-effects.”
In April 2007 4LYN journeyed overseas to Los Angeles for the third annual MUSEXPO music, media and technology conference, where they wowed a crowd of international tastemakers assembled at the Key Club on the infamous Sunset Strip with a selection of songs from “Hello.” Before the showcase, though, the band was featured on a special four-hour edition of the internationally syndicated radio show “Passport Approved,” based at the famed “Indie 103.1” in Los Angeles. “Playing in the United States is a huge opportunity, but most European bands are way too nervous to be themselves when it comes to rockin’ an American crowd,” observes Ron. “We’ve always kept that in the back of our heads, determined not to make the same mistake–and we were proven right. We came, played the way we always do and, in the end, convinced everyone. Since we returned back home we’ve gotten so much response from new American fans–you can now find hundreds of kids playing our songs on their MySpace profiles.”

A video for the first song from Hello, “Nostalgia,” is on the playlist for the International Music Feed (IMF), which reaches over 10 million subscribers in the U.S. through the satellite-television provider Dish Network. IMF is the first 24-hour music channel to combine the best of American music with that of other worthy acts from around the world; more info can be found at (be sure to check out the video biography for 4LYN when you visit!). The video for “Nostalgia” can also be seen on the group’s web site,, and on their label Rodeostar’s website: “‘Nostalgia’ is an anthem for everyone who lost someone beloved in the speed of life,” Ron muses. “Even though I wrote the lyrics, I keep on feeling very melancholic when I hear it.”

The future looks bright, indeed, for 4LYN. After playing a variety of festivals this summer in their native Germany, they’ll be hitting the road in support of “Hello” with a major European tour, including stops in Poland, England, Holland, Spain, France and parts of Eastern Europe, along with their first-ever visit to China. “Our upcoming world tour will be the most exciting experience for everyone involved,” enthuses Ron. For further information, check out the group’s excellent web site,, or surf over to their MySpace page:

Have a listen to NOSTALGIA off their CD courtesy of 4LYN and The Rock and Roll Report!