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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Catarang

According to ‘catarang’ the word is not defined yet. That’s handy as the music, which the band of the same name is indefinable and truly breathtaking in its imaginatively inventive creative fashion.

The constituent parts of this Catarang are Jack Simons who is the composer who also plays guitar, Aaron Knapp plays bass and Julian Simons is on the drums. Between the three of them, the mystical, mythical, musical beast named Catarang is forming so well, album one is coming soon and it is eagerly awaited for by me, I recommend the same action for everybody, this IS something worthy of great eagerness.

Catarang have an amazingly fresh sound and style in their creation of new rhythms, arrangements and techniques. The result of this, I believe leaves them in genre of their own already, the closest I can get to giving the sound any form of label would be to call it experimental instrumental/ethereal Rock. If you can imagine what say, Woody Allen may have sounded like as a Rock musician who was also into jazz and Frank Zappa, then you will have some idea of the style, which is Catarang.

Their Debut is very close to release (April/May) and is excellent, full of vibrant, inventive rocking rhythms. Throughout it has a very imaginative guitar style, which is used to the full, in fact you can say the same for every instrument used by the band. There are occasional lapses where a more familiar technique will drop into place in the form of hard rock riffs, this accentuates the music by giving contrast and works wonderfully.

Catarang as a whole sound as if each individual instrument is trying to outdo the other in style but don’t get me wrong, they do not sound competitive just complimentary to one another, synergising into a magical musical masterpiece.

As yet they are unsigned, but not for long, I predict. Watch out for this fabulous beast.

Enjoy a free download of Woody Allen courtesy of the band and The Rock and Roll Report!

Intense Nick