The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Comic Book Heroes (with free MP3 download)

If you are to believe the mainstream media, and certainly if you are a fan of American Idol and the like it would be understandable if you had a certain image of today’s “kids” and what kind of music they are into and that is perfectly understandable. You are probably somebody who is not altogether “with it” according to all these iPod happy, Facebook dwelling tweens and teens especially when it comes to todays consumable 99cent Happy Meal songs that seem to be so prevalent. But you would be mistaken to think that everybody under the age of say 18 is like this.

As a perfect example of what I am talking about, check out this week’s Band of the Week Comic Book Heroes. Ned Goldman, lead vocals, guitar; Steve “Koz” Kosciusko, lead guitar, vocals: Collin MacGregor, drums; Steve Kowalski, bass, vocals are all of 16 years old but get this, they started playing at 11 years old! I mean WTF! And if you think they are some kind of boy band have a listen to the free download at the end of this post or have a listen to their stuff on their MySpace page or just go out and buy their EP Take a Seat as these guys rock!

Their sound combines elements of classic rock (understandable since Collin MacGregor’s dad is the bassist of Foghat) with thoroughly modern tastes and textures which really goes to prove that age is merely a state of mind since these guys really pump out rock and roll that is more authentic and engaging than people 5-10 years their senior. The EP was recorded, produced and mixed by Jimmy Landry for AudioStrike and the production values are crisp and clean and all in all a real treat to play loud out of some proper kick ass stereo speakers or studio monitors. And live their youthful enthusiasm is testament to the fact that they don’t just like to rock and roll but they live and breathe it. If you want a band that walks the talk, these guys are it.

An amazing debut from a bunch of kids that “get it” and I can only imagine what they have up their sleeves for their first full-length. The fact that they decided to concentrate on 5 quality songs to put out on an EP and not just play by the numbers to fill out a full-length album shows these guys are wise beyond their years. A great CD and an affirmation that with bands like this the future of rock and roll looks bright indeed.

Comic Book Heroes will be performing at CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival on Oct.21. They will also be CMJ panelists on a panel about Performing Rights Organizations on Tuesday, Oct 21st at 3:30 PM. Check their myspace for details this week.

Check out our free download of Catch Me If You Can. Enjoy!

Buy Take a Seat on Comic Book Heroes - Take a Seat

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