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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Dad the Plow (with a free MP3!)

When it comes to the best music, some people are very picky. Like with Heavy Metal or Hardcore, for example, most people say that to have a great Heavy Metal or Hardcore album, the musicians must attack their music with equal amounts of brute force as well as speed. The argument is that there must be an unrelenting pace to the music: the faster, the better and the harder, the better.

But then again, there are always the exceptions to the rule. And as a very loud exception to the rule, there are bands like Dad The Plow. It is on the band’s 2007 release, The Heavy, that the group proves that heavy music does not need to come with speed to be intense.

The Heavy, the first release for Dad The Plow, was recorded at the time when the band was a trio. The band that made the album consisted of Chris Howard on vocals and bass, Mike Runge on drums, and Remo on guitars/synthesizers/guitar synth. The band has recorded some of “the heaviest” music in a long time that didn’t come complete with a breakneck speed.

The three original members of Dad The Plow came together as a trio after they each spent time in the music business with other bands in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Some of the other bands that the members had been a part of included: Hangman’s Jury, RedRum, and Victims of Voodoo.

When Chris Howard, Mike Runge, and Remo were forming Dad The Plow over four years ago, the members of the band collectively began writing music that contained influences of bands like Seether, Tool, and even Foo Fighters, the sound of Dad The Plow’s music is still fresh and unique.

All three members helped to create Dad The Plow’s fresh sound. Though Remo’s guitar work adds to the textures, many of the songs’ “visions” are from Chris. On the album, Remo adds to that vision along with Mike. While the music of some bands might become “watered down” after they add some keyboards to the mix, that isn’t a problem for Dad The Plow. Remo’s synthesizer playing is there to add flavor to the music and not to overwhelm it.

The songs on The Heavy conjure up visions of Metallica with their intensity, or Alice in Chains when it comes to the mood of the songs. Throughout the 11 tracks on the album, the band shows the talent they pocess. In my opinion, with songs like Angry Sunday, Truth, all the way to the closer of Insects and Intellect, the band’s album of The Heavy will demand many repeat listenings. If you like Heavy Metal of Hardcore music, Dad The Plow is a band you need to check out.

When the band had recorded The Heavy, Dad The Plow was a three-piece outfit. Since that time, the band has grown to include Leon Royal T on the bass. This new quartet version of the band has solidified as a group having already collectively written a few songs together.

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