The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Heavy Drapes

This week’s Band of the Week is Edinburgh, Scotland’s Heavy Drapes, a band I have personally been a fan of for a few years now and I was pumped when they emailed me to let me know that they are fresh out of the studio with four cool new tracks. I have always loved the name of the song the band has provided for this week’s free download, I Wanna Be Maladjusted. I have always considered it my personal motto! LOL

I’ll let the band explain a bit more about what they are all about:

We’ll keep it simple! We’re bored of listening to our mates rambling on about how there are “no real bands around”. What they mean by “real” is rock’n’roll played at a high tempo with punk attitude, simple! The few of us with talent within that circle decided to form a band. After a few months of jamming/writing, we had a set of songs and a consistent band line up, we named ourselves HEAVY DRAPES. Our influences are all from the school of Rock’n’Roll, Sex Pistols, Stooges, NY Dolls, it’s high energy rock and it’s happening! We’ve been in the cities this summer opening shows for Stone Gods, Hoodoo Gurus and the wonderful New York Dolls and the response exceeded the band’s expectations big time! We’re now writing more material for the album and no doubt this gleaming UK rock machine will be playing our sonic bad boy boogie in a town near you soon. Muchos Respectos & much l-u-v from Heavy Drapes

Check them out on their MySpace page at

You can also download for free their amazing track I Wanna Be Maladjusted courtesy of the band and The Rock and Roll Report.




  1. never mind band of the week !! The Heavy Drapes should be The Band full stop ……. excellent track to listen too ……. and may i add the Bass player is well worth watching too xx

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