The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Michou

What was first a gig to get out of a bar tab at the Phog Lounge, turned into an eastern Canada sensation. Michou, consisting of 5 young talented gents, was officially formed in September of 2007 and since has released two albums (MYSHKIN and MEDEA EP, both available online, on ITunes and in HMV).

The five musical talents were all connected by the mysterious ways of the world, and united to create an elegant, blissful array of emotions all melodized by a hypnotizing, feel good sound. Michou has a wide range of instrumentals, from xylophone and keys, to trumpets and banjos and nearly everything in between.

Mike, Ryan, Ryan, Sasha, and Lucas are the lads behind the music. In comparison to well known artists I’ve found their lyrics, to be much more personal, brimmingly winsome and somewhat innocent with a touch of candid outlaw. I know I’ve said this before, but listeners really can relate to the subjects touched upon in the songs. While listening, there’s an undeniable sense of honesty, at times doleful, but soon the temperament is mocked by the upbeat cheeriness of the tune.

In the near future I will be interviewing Michou, so stay tuned to get up close and personal with the handsome quintuplet of fellows. As for now I will leave you off with personal Michou haikus, which can also be found on their myspace page. Cheerio!


michou seems to smell
a little less like death and
more like vacuum bags

Sasha Appler
old rope bridge dangling
a crossroad between two loves
over sasha’s depth

Mike Hargreaves
my first time was rough
so much sweat in little time
jogging to the peer

Ryan Ard
the bag blew upward
only empty could it fly:
heart broken ryan ard

Ryan Frith
sunday — forest cave
dad was carried in dead and
came out baby ryan

Lucas Semple
even the sun hides
but in its shade lies beauty
beautiful lucas

all hiakus by: Michael Hargreaves

If you are looking for a free download from Michou, contact the boys at with the subject “WE WANT MICHOU”. They will gladly provide you with a free single to get a taste of their delicious work.


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