The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Sent By Ravens

This week’s Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is South Carolina Rockers Sent by Ravens.

In late 2005, Jamie, Andy, and Derick got together in hopes of forming a band. A few months after,Zach became lead vocalist and Derick parted ways with the group, which brought second drummer, Aaron into the picture.Thus began their major recognition in South Carolina; playing bigger shows for bigger audiences. The boys successfully played together for about a year before their second drummer left due to creative differences. Jamie immediately began a search for a third drummer, and after months of rummaging through percussionists, he came across Dane on YouTube. Dane was very interested in joining the band and suggested that his friend JJ came along as a second guitar player. Jamie agreed to the second guitarist, so JJ and Dane took off from Maui, Hawaii to Florence, South Carolina a month after being contacted. These five lively young men make up what is now one of South Carolina’s most talented progressive rock groups, Sent By Ravens.

“Our goal as a band is to inspire people, to challenge them in their everyday life. To let them know no matter how bad it gets and what exactly is going on in their personal life, that there is always hope.” –SBR

The boys of Sent By Ravens are all genuinely good hearted people and truly adore their ever-growing fan base. Their passion for music is wildly inspiring and it shows whenever instrument is at hand or melody afloat.. The uniqueness of their musical flow and vocal patterns really set them apart from other bands of their genre. From the upbeat “My Friend Courage” to the slower more intimate “The Best In Me”, these southern rockers show no limitations to their talent.

Lyrically, the songs are very heartfelt, addressing matters such as love, fear, courage, faith, hope, loss; things that everyone can relate to. Listeners can become emotionally connected to the songs and at the same time bang their heads and mosh the pit!

All in all Sent By Ravens is made up of 5 extremely down to earth goofballs that have an immense passion for what they do. Jamie, Andy, Zach, Dane, and JJ are all head over heels for their fans and are always looking for new friends, look them up on myspace, holla atchya boys, catch a show or two! It is totally worth your time and a head bang or five.

Enjoy a free download of The Awakening by Sent By Ravens and The Rock and Roll Report.


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