The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is The Revisionists

When I first read Scott’s review of The Revisionists a few week’s back little did I know that I would be playing the CD almost non-stop since receiving it.

Dan Lavery, Kevin Sheppard and Sam Jones have been playing music professionally for years but you can tell they were made for each other after listening to their debut CD. With mutual influences ranging from The Clash, The Jam, David Foster Wallace and others that shaped them as musicians it is obvious that their music pulls from these influences that punk rock bravado that only works well if you really mean it. And these guys really mean it.

When asked what motivates them they are pretty upfront about it. “Our music is influenced by our disgust with what our media has become and how so many of us lap it up without forming our own opinions…the feeling of throwing down your hat and saying “can’t we do any better than that?”

And what about the name? “Our name conjures the contradictions and duplicity of any famous or infamous entity,” says Sam Jones. “The Revisionists is a name that acknowledges you can rewrite history however it suits you in the moment.”

With ragged hooks and pure punk agression The Revisisionists are charting a path in the music biz that is of their own making. I am pretty stoked at what they have started and see them as the perfect embodiment of rock and roll and what we all stand for here at The Rock and Roll Report. Great stuff!



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