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The Rock and Roll Report Band Of The Week “The Crossing”

the crossing (200 x 200)

This week I am stoked to bring you a band that has Done so much for my Taste In Music.

Not Only do they Rock as Friends but their tunz’s are something that keep you coming back for more.

I love how they have a Style of their own and have Taken music to a different place in my head……Enjoy them as I do guys and here is what they had to say ……

Hi ! We are THE CROSSING, a rock act out of Chicago. Thanks for checking us out. The band manages this site personally and we have really enjoyed meeting all of you these past few months. Your friendship and consideration is much appreciated.

THE CROSSING is very pleased to welcome new drummer Pat Ring. Please take a minute and leave him a message or a photo comment to greet him. The band is gearing up for the road, so hopefully you will get the chance to witness this dude’s skills with the drum sticks in a town near you.

THE CROSSING would like to officially announce the worldwide release of the new cd : “Chemical Gods“, available everywhere. Quickly check out the blogs for all the sweet details on this 40 song gem, including some early press reviews. The secure links below will navigate you to one of our distributors where you can preview the disc more fully.

The band also invites you to check out some of the other CROSSING online music platforms, including the newly launched facebook page. Some of the links to these profiles are posted just to the lower left. These sites have different selections of songs, videos, and other content, and one or two allow a free mp3 download. Please take a minute to visit us across the web. We would love to add you as a friend on these pages, too! In the meantime, give a spin of the three newest uploaded cuts from “CHEMICAL GODS” – “357”, “Snake In The Garden”, and “Time On Fire”.

Give a listen to some of the sounds and let us know what you think! THE CROSSING can’t thank you enough for your support ! ROCK LIVES…..

Enjoy Rebellion courtesy of The Crossing and The Rock and Roll Report!

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