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perrislogo-best-webIn this installment of our Cool Indie Label spotlight we talk Tom Mathers of Houston-based record label Perris Records, the only label with their own newspaper and TV show!

RRR: How long has the label been around?

The first Perris Records release was my band CHERRY ST. 1992. The band broke up in 1993 and I started doing Perris Records full time as a job.

How did it get started?

It started because of me doing the band business and I set up distro through Important/Relativity records distroed our Cherry St. 3 song tape that sold over 8000 tapes. So we started our own label to release our music to have 100% control over the business.

Once the band broke up I just started signing bands and it grew from there.

RRR: What kind of music does the label release?

Hard rock and melodic rock and glam.

RRR: How many bands call Perris Records home?

I’ve had well over 150 bands since I started.

RRR: Name some of the best-known bands on the label.

Roxx Gang, L.A. Guns, Helix, Enuff Z’nuff, Stephen Pearcy, Bang Tango all of these were on major labels in the past.

RRR: What are some of the current releases being promoted right now by the label?

Dynazty (Sweden), XXX (Sweden), Seventh Rize (USA), Dirty Looks (USA), I sign many bands from Sweden as there are great music writers there.

RRR: What releases are going to be released in the near future?

Next release now won’t be till Jan. and Feb. of 2010 I’m promote and work the releases for 6 months before signing and new bands.

RRR: How does the label release its music (music formats)?

CDs and digital

RRR: Biggest plans for the future of the label?

Pushing bands in my newspaper and TV show ROCKNATION.

RRR: The industry is going through some trying times with CD sales dropping. How does Perris deal with this?

I started my own newspaper and TV show. The TV show is nationwide on Time Warner/Comcast and other cable networks in many major cities more details below. I don’t have to rely on anybody else as I created my own network to promote my bands.

RRR: What sets Perris apart from other labels?

I don’t know of any labels that have a TV show or newspaper

RRR: What should rock and roll fans know when checking out your bands?

It is just great music that gives you energy when you listen to it.

RRR: Do you accept demo submissions from bands? They can send me a myspace link first before sending anything.

I actually find most of the bands with my worldwide network of people I know. Since I started Rocknation I get hundreds of bands a day I don’t have time to check them all out. Almost every band I’ve signed has been because they knew somebody I know and checked them out because they were recommended.

RRR: Anything you want to add?

Here are the details of Rocknation and RockNation TV:


Rocknation TV is a weekly 30-minute metal program featuring videos such as Halford, Devil Driver, Lamb Of God, Jetboy, Megadeth & more. The TV show is online and aired nationwide on Time Warner, Comcast, Service Electric and Charter Communications. Some of the cities airing the show include Manhattan-NY, Houston-TX, Anaheim-CA, Chicago-IL, Austin-TX, Denver-CO, Atlanta-GA, Cleveland-OH, Dallas-TX and Sacramento-CA.

Rocknation TV has had exclusive TV interviews with Judas Priest, Shinedown, Duff McKagan’s Loaded, Buckcherry, Heaven and Hell, Blue October, Testament, Deep Purple, Black Stone Cherry, Static X, Halestorm, Saliva, Story Of The Year, MXPX, Dream Theater and more.


Planned circulation is: 100,000 copies

ISSUE 13 will feature a exclusive interview with SAMMY HAGAR regarding his new band CHICKENFOOT. Also LOADED featuring DUFF MCKAGAN, Swedens newest rock sensation DYNAZTY, ROCK ON THE RANGE feature with SHINEDOWN, BLUE OCTOBER, SALIVA, STATIC X, ALL THAT REMAINS, HOOBASTANK, FRAMING HANLEY, ROYAL BLISS and more.

Rocknation is a free music newspaper which features notable names and up and coming artist the music scene. Past issues have had interviews with Judas Priest, Buckcherry, Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down, Halford, Disturbed, Hinder, Seether, Three Days Grace, Lamb Of God, Lit, Joe Perry, Shinedown, Puddle Of Mudd, Finger Eleven, Shadows Fall, Machine Head, Symphony X, Black Tide, Devil Driver, Nightwish, Heaven And Hell, Enuff Z’Nuff, Dirty Looks, Chimaira, Queensryche, Clutch, Otep, Hellyeah, Testament, Triumph, Sebastian Bach, Warrant and members of Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Dio, Megadeth, Dokken, David Lee Roth and Alice Cooper. ‘Rocknation’ has featured exclusive concert photos of Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Hinder, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Evanescence, Stone Temple Pilots, Dragonforce, Mudvayne, Saliva, Trivium and Alice Cooper