The Rock and Roll Report Cool Record Label Feature is on Red Blue Records

In this our latest installment of our Cool Record Labels feature we focus on Boston-based Red Blue Records. Mike and Jess from the label took some time out to give us an idea of what they are all about.

Rock and Roll Report: How long has the label been around? How did it get started?

RBR: Red Blue Records began May 31st 2006 as a vehicle for Gone Baby Gone, the band of its founder, Mike Krilivsky. It has since grown into a multi-band label and booking company.

RRR: What kind of music does the label release?

RBR: Red Blue releases everything from pop-punk (Phone Calls From Home, Gone Baby Gone) to riff-heavy screamo (Ice Nine Kills).

RRR: How many bands call Red Blue Records home? Name some of the best-known bands on the label.

RBR: There are currently five bands signed (including Ice Nine Kills, Phone Calls From Home, The Venetia Fair, Lannen Fall, and Brunswick), though this year will see will see rapid and exciting expansion to the Red Blue Records roster.

RRR: What are some of the current releases being promoted right now by the label? What releases are going to be released in the near future?

RBR: Ice Nine Kills recently released a 7-song EP called “The Burning”. Phone Calls From Home also recently released their own 6-song self-titled EP. Both bands are currently working on full-lenghts due out in June 09!

RRR: How does the label release its music (music formats)?

RBR: Red Blue Records artists release music in both physical CDs and Digital formats (itunes, etc.).

RRR: Biggest plans for the future of the label?

RBR: The theme for the future of Red Blue seems to be “going national”. Not only will there be signings of artists from beyond the New England area, but Red Blue will expand through national partnerships. Some big things that Red Blue Records and our artists are up to: Taste of Chaos, SXSW, Bamboozle, Warped Tour, tours w/ some well known bands like Paramore, Underoath, The Almost, Saosin.

RRR: The industry is going through some trying times with CD sales dropping. How does Red Blue deal with this?

RBR: CD sales are still 75% of the business, so they are still a large percentage. However, as mentioned, they are dropping and new revenue streams are rising – like digital. It’s very hard to compete, so you have to work hard for your money!

RRR: What sets Red Blue apart from other labels? What should rock and roll fans know when checking out your bands?

RBR: Unlike other labels, Red Blue Records is completely dedicated to the music and letting the artists determine what is best for their band, whether it be non-stop touring, or taking time off to develop as musicians. Rock and roll fans should know that though Red Blue Records may seem distant and small by comparison to other labels, it does whatever it can to reach out to fans through extensive touring (nationwide tours, the Vans Warped Tour), Myspace and an online merchandise store, and even locally promoted multi-band festivals (like Ragefest)!

RRR: Do you accept demo submissions from bands?

RBR: Red Blue Records is always open to new music, and will (and does) absolutely accept demo submissions from bands – now only in the form of internet myspace link and press sheet (we are going green and saving the environment!!!)

RRR: Anything significant about the name?

RBR: The colors Red and Blue mean music for life – what I’ve always wanted!

RRR: Anything you want to add?

RBR: Sure – we signed an amazing band today – The Venetia Fair (! Please congratulate these guys on their myspace and welcome the most diverse band on the label! They sound like Panic on the Disco’s 1st record on Acid – or even the first record The Used or the first record My Chemical Romance ….except even more interesting! I’m very pumped about TVF!

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