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The Rock and Roll Report Fantasy Covers EP Project

In the July issue of Guitar One magazine they list the “10 best covers of rock songs” which are, in descending order:

10. ‘You Really Got Me’ – VAN HALEN
9. ‘Love Buzz’ – NIRVANA
8. ‘Little Wing’ – STEVIE RAY VAUGHN
7. ‘Eight Miles High’ – HUSKER DU
6. ‘My Back Pages’ – THE BYRDS
5. ‘Star Spangled Banner’ – JIMI HENDRIX
4. ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ – GUNS N’ ROSES
3. ‘Born To Be Wild’ – SLAYER
2. ‘Snowblind’ – SYSTEM OF A DOWN
1. ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ – QUIET RIOT

This list, coupled with the fact that Rush will be releasing an EP of covers called Feedback got me thinking. If you had a band and you could record an EP of covers (maximum 8 songs), what would they be? They don’t have to be your favourite songs, or your most influential but songs that you would love to play just because they would be fun to play. Here is my list to get things started:
1. “I Think I’m Going Bald” – Rush (great goofy tune from the much maligned Caress of Steel)
2. “Check” – Max Webster (classic way to start a song from the late, great Max)
3. “No Bone Movies” – Ozzy Osbourne (great slide guitar from Randy Rhoads)
4. “I Wanna Be Sedated” – The Ramones (fast, fun and short. Perfect ingredients for a rock song)
5. “Travelin’ Band” – CCR (still have the 45 single that I pulled from my Dad’s record collection when I was 10. Fantastic.)
6. “Hush” – Deep Purple (always loved Deep Purple)
7. “Psychotic Reaction” – The Count Five (as Mike Mills says, the only abrupt time change that works in rock and roll)
8. “Connection” – The Rolling Stones (Keith Richards did a killer version on his solo tour)

There are obviously so many more like “Everything About You” by Ugly Kid Joe that I just had blaring in the car but we have to set some limits so 8 songs it is. Now let me hear your picks.
UPDATE! Even Greg Dulli formerly of the Afghan Whigs is working on a covers project.