The Rock and Roll Report Focus is on Honor By August

Having been around for several years now, the modern, melodic rock band Honor By August has come a long way as they have had their share of fame. As a band, the members of Honor By August (which include Michael Pearsall on guitar, vocals; Evan Field on lead guitar, backing vocals; John Athayde on bass, keyboards, backing vocals; and Brian Shanley on drums, percussion) have shared the stage with bands like the Alternate Routes, Emmett Swimming, Michael Tolcher, as well as bigger names like Hootie and the Blowfish, Howie Day, Hanson, Bon Jovi and many more; and they have played to audiences as large as 20,000 at places like The Verizon Center and FedEx Field in D.C.

Honor By August is currently on tour in support of their 2007 release entitled Drowning Out The Television. The new album is the first for the band with the addition of their 2005 release, the Photographs EP. The 2007 version of Drowning is the second time the band has released the album, with the twelve original songs and new remixes of three of the songs.

Along with Only In Photographs, the song that helped the band win the grand prize in Billboard Magazine’s World Song Contest for the Pop category, the album is full of other songs that could find their way to the radio airwaves. Some of the best songs on the album include: Into The Light, Black and White, and the song that brings the album to a nice close, The Quiet Sky. There are also remixes to the albums’ songs Waking Up, Honesty, and Into The Light.

Other achievements the band has had include: winning the Bon Jovi “Have a Nice Gig” Contest (where they won the opportunity to open for Bon Jovi), winning the BMI/Pulse Audio Battle For The Boat to perform on the 2007 Rock Boat along with Sister Hazel and others, holding the #1 spot at Aware Store with its debut release, and many more accomplishments.

Whatever you do, give Honor By August a chance. And keep on eye out for this band as the future holds much in store for them. You can go to their website at and check out their music. You can go to the band’s Myspace account at and check out their profile.

Matheson Kamin

HONOR BY AUGUST: Drowning Out The Television
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