The Rock and Roll Report Playlist for Drastic Plastic on July 10, 2006

As promised, here is the playlist of the songs that I played last night on the Drastic Plastic Radio Show on CKUT FM in Montreal. If you missed the show you can check out the archives here.

As usual it was a lot of fun hosting the show despite the humidity, sticking CD controls and my general incompetence. I made a couple of mistakes and forgot initially how to cue up the CD players but hey, it’s live radio! A big thank you to Doug at Drastic Plastic for allowing me to host this week. Hopefully I’ll be back as there are a bunch of songs I didn’t get a chance to play.

On a related note I strongly urge everybody reading to have a listen to your local community/college radio station. While not everything may be your cup of tea the diversity of voices and sounds is amazing and a welcome relief from bland commercial radio these days. Have a listen or better yet get involved. You won’t regret it.

And now the playlist (Band/Song/Label):

  • The Morning After GirlsIntroduction/Run for Our Lives (Rainbow Quartz Records) – Great modern psychedelia from a very cool band and record label
  • The Sweetbacks – No Sister No Fun (Nicotine Records) – A great band from Sweden who don’t seem to be active at the moment from what I can tell from their website. The first of two bands played from the Nicotine Records stable from Italy in honour of their World Cup victory. Forza Azzuri!
  • The Wild Weekend – Different World (Nicotine Records) – Hey, gotta play an Italian band after the World Cup and what better choice than these rock and roll maniacs!
  • American HeartbreakSick ‘n Tired (Indie) – Great hard rock band. Michael Butler of The Rock & Roll Geek Show podcast is the bass player.
  • HeapPuerto Rican Girl – (Rave On Records) – Love this band. Was originally planning to play "Stabbing Pain" but at the last minute thought that "Puerto Rican Girl" was a better fit. Great song!
  • Dum Dog Run – I Can’t Stop It Now (Indie) – Was actually supposed to play "Psycho Girlfriend" but got mixed up and played this intead. Great song none the less and DDR do a great version of "Let’s Go" by The Cars that kills.
  • The Piper DownsLouder (Doorslammer Records) – I just reviewed this disc last week. Great, great band and perfect for the summmer.
  • Templar – Quarter to Now – Sugar Lumps Compilation (Hard Soul/Acid Jazz Records) – A great compilation of cool ’60s inspired psychedelic freakbeat! Great record label.
  • The LoonsThe Ghost of the Grey House (UT Records) – The Loons are Mike and Anja Stax’s band. If those names sound familiar it is because they are the geniuses behind Ugly Things magazine. Cool record with the obvious retro influences but still fresh and original.
  • SloanAll Used Up – (Sony BMG) – One of only 2 major label releases played (although outside of Canada Sloan are about as indie as you can get!) I love this band and this song off of their excellent "greatest hits" package A sides win just floors me every time. If I was to be in a band again this is the kind of music I would love to play.
  • The Grip WeedsRealities (Rainbow Quartz Records) – Another amazing band from the fine folks at Rainbow Quartz. I had already played "Astral Man" last time I was on CKUT so this one got the nod this time.
  • The WalkaboutsMurdering Stone – This is Fort Apache (MCA Records) – I absolutely love this song. This is from an incredible compilation I picked up awhile ago called "This is Fort Apache" that features some really cool unreleased stuff including "Murdering Stone" which I have probably played about a million times. Fort Apache still exits although they are now located in Bellows Falls, Vermont.
  • Lisa MycholsCactus Boy – Carl & Dana Present: This is Rock & Roll Radio, Volume 1 – (Jam Recordings) Fantastic song (although I have no clue what it is about) from a really cool compilation put together by the hosts of This is Rock & Roll Radio on WXXE FM, Syracuse, NY.
  • 1986i know (Palentine Records) Brand new record set to be released July 25, 2006. Has a definite Replacements/ J. Mascis vibe to it. Good stuff.
  • Tan SleeveAmerican Blood (Indie) – A great song from the band that released "Condoleeza Will Lead Us." I apologize for not having the chance to actually announce the name of the song as my shift was over by the time the song was done.

There you have it, my latest foray into community radio. I try to mix the styles up a bit but it’s all rock and roll and all good stuff in my humble opinion as they say. Expect more of the same when I finaly get my podcast off the ground.