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The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is On “Adventures in Plasticland”

Join Spaceman Stan every weekend as he plays “elevator music for elevated minds” in the wee hours on Adventures in Plasticland. Featuring the best in rare, unusual, and seldom heard rock and roll, much of it gleaned from Stan’s staggeringly huge vinyl collection, Adventures in Plasticland airs from 11:59 Saturdays to 3:00 am Sundays on CKWR, FM 98.5 in Waterloo, Ontario and is also streamed live on the net.
In addition to great music, Adventures in Plasticland also occasionally features guests from the Hamilton Paranormal Society, who discuss their visits to famous haunted locations in Ontario.
Spaceman Stan is also a fan of The Rock and Roll Report and on his next show plans to feature tracks from Blodwyn Pig’s “Ahead Rings Out” and Savoy Brown’s “Lion’s Share,” the two albums that have been profiled in this site’s Between the Cracks section. Tune in if you can!