The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is on Drastic Plastic

How ironic that I feature a post linking to an article called "Is Rock Radio Dying" when on the same day I feature a great rock and roll radio progam called Drastic Plastic which broadcasts every Monday night at 10:00 – 11:00 PM on CKUT FM in Montreal (yes, yes the same CKUT I volunteer for. That’s how I heard about it). Doug Ford has a passion for rock and roll that is obvious as soon as you hear the first song selection of his show. Broadcasting since 1987, Drastic Plastic knows no genres or styles but just concentrates on music that rocks, music that you most probably won’t hear anywhere else on the radio dial, certainly not the commercial part of it. An absolutely indispensible hour of pure rock and roll fun, Drastic Plastic is meant to be played loud. Tune in this Monday or catch the archives of the show. Either way you are in for a treat.


  1. Mark, 7 10 06 10:35p est
    High There, My Name Is James Brown And I
    Work the weekend evening shift 10p to 2a
    at a non-corporate radio station in Indianapolis Indiana called WKLU. Anyways I
    just wanted to tell you i’m listening and you have my support for the underground or of rock in general. Sound good tonight plus the music is rockin’. Finally, my show would
    not be complete without the R & R Report.
    Great site with cool stuff.

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