The Rock and Roll Report Record Label Focus is on Full Breach Kicks Records

I heard about Full Breach Kicks Records through the Rock and Roll Geek Show and the effect was instantaneous. Within an hour of downloading their label sampler from their Media page I had added the Street Brats’ Destination Nowhere to Monday night’s Rock and Roll Radio playlist and I will probably be including a number of songs on next month’s show and hopefully the podcast as well.

This is a very cool little rock and roll record label and I am both excited and a bit upset that I haven’t discovered them before now. Absolutely first rate rock and roll from a really eclectic selection of bands like The Joneses, Rock ‘n Roll Stormtroopers, Sick Fits and the Soda Pop Kids to name just a few. Download the sampler, play at maximum volume and then order some records from these folks. I can think of no better way to consume a six pack then to have some Full Breach Kicks music blaring on the stereo.

You can check out their MySpace page at



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