The Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week are Stripping The Pistol (With free Download)

stripping-the-pistols-350-x-2501My Pic of the week this week is an amazing group of talent Im lucky to call friends…..Stripping The Pistol……

Kyriakos (Charlie) Tsiolis (vocals)
Kevin Cherello (vocals, guitar)
John Lovette (guitar)
John Almonte (bass)
Joe Nunez (drums).

“We plan on deconstructing music”, says Kevin Cherello (vocals, guitar). Stripping the Pistol formed with the intention of breaking the rules. The Chicago five-piece blends aggression with melody. The seamless interplay of the dueling vocalists is balanced by the precision, power and energy of the music. Their 3-song sampler featuring “Five of You”, “I Think There’s Something Wrong” and “Gone Beautiful” caused an industry and Internet buzz rarely seen for such a new band. “We recorded it in one day, just to hear the music on tape”, explains Kyriakos. With no intention on unleashing it to the masses, the band was surprised once the labels started courting them.

Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Filter) performed drum duties on the three tracks. Finding a permanent member on drums after having recorded with Matt seemed an unenviable task for the members. Fortunately, Joe Nunez left Soulfly and joined the band.

Determined to play by their own rules, Kyriakos and Kevin share vocal duties and in the process create truly unique, innovative and compelling music. Influenced by different genres, however, and not confined by any, Stripping the Pistol is free to explore the heaviness of metal and the melody of pop. “Heavy music often lacks melody and dynamics”, states Kevin. “Other genres need aggression and energy” according to Kyriakos. Stripping the Pistol has both as evidenced by their latest offerings “Nothing to Believe In” “Sunshine in the Rain” “Black Reflection” “Hope” and “Left Behind”.

The energy of the recording is only surpassed the by the chaotic, angry and manic live performance. The band anchored by John Almonte on bass and Joe on drums plays with a frantic urgency, which is balanced by the guitar virtuosity of John Lovette and Kevin. The dueling vocalists command the attention of the audience. Kyriakos menacingly stalks the stage visually representing his heavy, raw and screaming vocals. While Kevin’s chaotic movements are the perfect counter to the power and grace of his vocals.

Metal Hammer (UK) picked the band as one of the bands to watch. Their track “I Think There’s Something Wrong” was handpicked by Sharon Osbourne for inclusion on the DVD release of the Osbournes. Matt Pinfield calls “Black Reflection” a rock anthem. Roy Thomas Baker (Producer Queen, the Cars, Guns n Roses) refers to “Sunshine in the Rain” as a “bloody hit”.

Have a listen to the “bloody hit” Sunshine In the Rain courtesy of the band and the Rock and Roll Report and make sure you check them out at: and enjoy the awesome tunz’s and friends you will find there…..


Rock Princess xox