The Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week is Heavy Jack

Heavy Jack the band – a power trio of brothers who become lightening rods on stage for the authentic sounds of Rock & Roll to travel down and crack the silence.

They have a beat driven raw and full sound with the uncanny ability to create an explosive excitement every time they strike up the band. Heavy Jack released their first full-fledged Rock & Roll album, MULTIPLY on July 4th, 2008. One recent review is on record saying “…The 8 tunes here are just plain great to awesome and I take a bow to this band they kicked my ass.”

Another asks the question “What do you get when you stick Led Zepplin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd in a blender? Heavy Jack!” Check it out for yourself & see what all the buzz is about @ or at

You can also check these dudes out on Stereofame….their link is

They are kicking it all over the place and have an unreal group of Followers…..Watch where they go this year….2009 will belong to Heavy Jack!!!

Have an awesome weekend and Rock as you do :o)

Enjoy a free download of Heavy Jack’s PEACE SOLDIER courtesy of the band, the Rock Princess and the Rock and Roll Report!

hugs Rock Princess xox

HEAVY JACK: MultiplyBuy the CD


  1. Heavy Jack is a polished gem among a pile of dull stones. Their pure rock n’ roll sound is unique – which isn’t easy to do anymore. I always love hearing bands that sound original and they do – so check them out!

  2. It’s been great being the unsigned band pick of the week here on the Rock & Roll Report!! Special thanks to Rock Princess for helping get this up and thanks to the Rock & Roll Report for supporting the Heavy Jack 😀 Cheers from Vancouver BC,

    Heavy Jack

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