The Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week is kNoT tHe RaDiO

kNoT tHe RaDiO is a 3pc. band from Hanover, Pennsylvania playing mostly original tunes around the local music scene for over ten years. Doc and Ray, the founding members of a band called Jimson played together for awhile with various artist before Frizz came along. With Frizz in the band, a new flavor was added and a slightly different direction for the bands future. For years, the threesome progressed and constantly put out new songs with a total of about 80+ original songs to date. Recently a new guitar played has joined the crew, tho much younger than the rest of us, he seems like a good fit for the group both socially and musically.

Doc, the front-man and singer/songwriter, has a southern gospel background starting back in his childhood days in the south. Pulling on those roots, he is able to throw new ideals on the floor for us to work with every time we get together.

Ray, a remarkable young drummer was only a teenager when the pair met and it was a natural union of the two musicians, who still play together after 15 years. Ray grew up listening to hard rock and heavy metal such as Metallica, Rush, and Kiss. Today new music further influences his style helping keep the band on a modern track to tomorrow.

Frizz came in late to the group about mid 1996 bringing his Primus, Tool, and R.H.C.P influences into the mix. After playing drums for over 15yrs., Frizz switched to bass and filled the position left by the former bassist. Frizz tries to keep the sound fresh by adding his latest influences of alternative bands such as Disturbed, Creed, and many others.

kNoT tHe RaDiO is looking forward to 2009 and hopes that somewhere the music gods will smile down upon them for their unique and fresh style.

You can find this awesome group of Talent at two sites…..


and Stereofame:

They have a gig coming up that you live in the area call on in and say Hi……

kNoT tHe RaDiO

06-19-2009 20:00atBalloon Festival – John Rudy County Park
400 Mundis Race Road, York, Pennsylvania 17406
Cost: $10/car

I know i would if there….Its a trip well worth the effort……They Rock!!!!

Enjoy a live mix of Politics of Man courtesy of the band and The Rock and Roll Report!

Have a wicked week and rock as you do….

Hugs Rock Princess xox

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  1. these guys are from my home turf and are very good, and this interview is very well writen, I wish someone would write one as good about the hollywood vampires wink hint, 🙂 GG

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