The Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week is Loudmouth

Loudmouth is a ska/punk band that is serious about partying. 5 guys from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky that play loud, fast, and tight, reminiscent of the early Fat Wreck bands. They do this without sounding like a regurgitation of the past, and without losing their sense of fun or humor. “We like to have fun, and we like to play music, if we can combine those things and make a living out of it, then that’s the life we want to live.” says Mike their guitar player and co-founder.

Relatively young as a band, at 7 months old, Loudmouth have played with national touring acts Deals Gone Bad, Mustard Plug, The Swellers and the Flatliners, and recently coordinated/headlined a Valentines day party that was the first ever all local show to sell out the venue. The age of the band is not necessarily indicative of the individual musicians experience as each member comes from previous, locally successful bands, The Proles, Dexter, Who’s Driving and Bret Summe and the Buds. With shredding guitar, thunderous drums, a bassline that never sits still and a singer that delivers sincerity and soul, Loudmouth creates “a fresh brand of smart punk” that you want to party to. “It’s all about having a good time, not just us, but the crowd, the point of going to a show is to have fun, dance, and well… be a loudmouth. All our friends are loudmouth’s all of us are loudmouth’s especially when we drink, so it’s more of a gang then a band, we’re just the soundtrack to the party- a party full of fun loving punk rocking Loudmouth’s!”

Here are a few people that are Ear Candy for the lads….. Their influences are pretty transparent, we’re not trying to re-invent the wheel, we are trying to play the music that we love and grew up with and believe in. Nofx, Rancid, Lagwagon, Dead Kennedies, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, and tons of ska bands 1st through 5th wave, or whatever wave we’re on now

You can hear the rest of their wicked sounds at their Myspace page…

and while your there befriend them and support….they deserve it after all :o))

Have an unreal week guys and rock as you do……

Rock Princess xox