The Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week is SNEW

SNEW was formed in 2005 in Hollywood, CA. These days Snew is one of the most talked about hard rock bands on the Internet and has an International fan base that is growing tremendously every day. The turn out for Snew’s live shows expands with each performance.

Snew often draws comparisons between AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, with a little Ramones thrown in for good measure. An odd mix which only goes to prove the great originality of a band whose sound is so easily accessible to the masses.

The band has just released their debut album entitled Snew You with acclaimed producer Bobby Owsinski. Snew You has been released independently by the band themselves and is selling exceedingly well in every continent around the globe.

Buzzbin Magazine says:

Dude, this album will be your “summer album” I promise. You know the one you never take out of your car. Its really only meant to make you do one thing; ROCK. The lyrics are as deep as you want to take them, and the overall sound is hard rocking, raw, upbeat, and captures the same feeling Zeppelin had in their prime. Its fun, its hip, its ALIVE.

Snew is:

Guitarist Andy Lux, a native of Luxembourg spent years touring Germany, Italy and England before finally landing in the USA.

Vocalist Curtis Don Vito has received world renown and critical praise for his intense vocal style and extended range.

Bassist Cat Tate, has spent time playing with Ice-T’s Body Count, Rev. Bud Green and El Duche of The Mentors as well as countless session recording gigs.

Drummer Mark Ohrenberger, has spent his life in search of the boldest, brashest, hardest, and loudest drum beats known to man playing in some of LA’s top bands.

These days rock and roll is in short supply and thank God SNEW is here to restock the shelves. A SNEW show is nothing short of a high spirited, hyper kinetic, neuromusculoskeletal rock and roll experience.

Everybody shout SNEW YOU!

Snew’s official website is
Snew World Order



If anyone would like to buy the Album click this link…

These guys are pure Rock…..if there is one Album you should own this year… should be theirs……

have a wicked week and rock as you do…..

SNEW YOU !!!!!

And just to be sure you do, download SNEW You for free courtesy of SNEW and the Rock and Roll Report!

hugs Rock princess xoxox