The Rock Princess’ Unsigned Pick of the Week is Tom Mancuso

Tom Mancuso was born on November 8, 1972 in the vicinity of Zurich, Switzerland!
Already in the early age he began with music!
With about 7 years, he played the trumpet (folk songs, marching, etc.)
About 10 years later a young Pop Rock Band was looking for a bass player.
Tom reported, although he never had played bass.
But the next day he went into a shop and bought his first bass guitar!
And he was already in his first band!
The band called itself “Breathalizer”, and later with a new vocalist “Mathless”!
Some gigs were made!

But a few years later, the band disbanded!

In 1994 Tom moved to Basel, Switzerland Northwest!
A new job, and soon also a new band called “Crooked Junction”, Punk Rock Heavy style!
Some gigs were made and a demo tape with 5 songs was recorded!

In 1995, Tom changed the band and played new in the pure Hard Rock Band “7th Key”.

Shortly afterward the band had also been the first appearances, including in Z7, a famous concert hall near Basel, as a Supporting act for the popular German band “Accept” !
“7th Key” recorded a CD with the title “Some like it hot” also with 5 Songs, one song was composed by Tom alone, namely “Angel”!
Some concerts followed, but in the year 2001/2002, Tom left the band, because there was no more motivation!

From there, Tom went further to write his own songs, he made

the drum programming , he learned to play the electric guitar, began to sing, not just as backing vocals, and so he recorded in his basement on

a 8-track hard disc recorder his songs! In 2005 he went into the studio and revised 11 Songs.

2006, he produced the CD “So many ways”!

Currently, Tom has already about 20 songs in the shell and

who knows , maybe sometime he will make the long awaited for second CD!?

Tom is a man of many talents….I have been so lucky to have been a friend of his for 2 years now and have watched as he has worked and grown into what he is today.

His music kicks it and everyone who follows Tom will know he will go places……..

The talent,the effort and the love Tom puts into his work makes him a Force to be reckoned with….

We want to see Tom Rocking across the planet and one day he will…….

This is the last Rock Princess pic for me so from Tom and myself we would love to thank Mark from The Rock and Roll Report and everyone who visited these Wicked Artists over the weeks….

Have a Safe but Awesome Holiday and always Rock as you do!!!

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year may 2009 be everything you ever dreamed of…….

hugs Rock Princess xoxox