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The Rolling Stones will play Moncton, New Brunswick!

So the Rolling Stones have announced the first dates to their upcoming world tour and Moncton, New Brunswick is on the list. Together with Pearl Jam and The Tragically Hip coming to Newfoundland this summer, Atlantic Canada is going to have a great rock and roll summer. If you ever get a chance to visit this area of the country (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland) I can guarantee you will have an amazing time. While the scenery is fantastic it is truly the people that make this area of the world a wonderful experience. As for the Stones touring, I know that by all rights I should be rolling my eyes and cursing the rock and roll Gods but hey, they can still put on a great show so if you can afford it, go and see the greatest rock and roll circus still rolling. That’s it, they are the Barnham and Bailey of rock and roll!

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Sounds like the Moncton show will be among the best on the tour with the roster of backing bands. We are much looking forward to the stop here in Calgary but the show sold out in a matter of minutes so most of the diehards will be dealing with scalpers.

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