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The Spin Doctors share their roots with ‘If The River Was Whiskey’

Spin DoctorsThe Spin Doctors have been gracing our sound systems and airwaves ever since 1991 when they released A Pocket Full Of Kryptonite. This album gained them the recognition that the band had well deservedly earned. The Spin Doctors other studio albums have beenTurn It Upside Down,  released in 1994 then You’ve Got To Believe In Something followed in 1996. Here Comes The Bride arrived in 1999 and Nice Talking To Me followed in 2005. This has been a steady trickle of outstandingly good albums and 2013 will see the release of yet another stunning Spin Doctors album. If The River Was Whiskey is due for its UK release on May 6th 2013 through Ruf Records and it takes the band back to their roots in 1988.

In the late 80’s the Spin Doctors were playing the sweatbox circuit in the blues bars of downtown New York. This has given the band a back catalogue of blues songs which are what has inspired this next release. You could say that it is the album that would have been released way back if they had not hit mega stardom.

If The River Was Whiskey is a superb collection of ten songs rooted in and oozes with deep blues. Chris Barron wrote the lyrics for the first song ‘Some Other Man Instead’ during the last couple of years and this tune is a perfect opening track into this collection of true blues. The second song, ‘If The River Was Whiskey’ has a touch of boogie which suits so well. ‘Sweetest Portion’ was written by Chris when he was 19 not long after he had run away from home and slows the pace somewhat just before ‘Traction Blues’ comes in and ramps the tempo right back up. ‘Scotch and Water Blues’ is another slower, number. Unsurprisingly this one comes with a touch of melancholy. ‘About A Train’, ‘The Drop’ , ‘Ben’s Looking Out Of The Window blues’, ‘So Bad and ‘Whats My Love?’ complete and continue to give the album a variety of deep blues songs.

You can hear a sample of each of song on the official album sampler, HERE

If The River Was Whiskey is a consummate collection of impeccable blues that come right from the heart and soul of the Spin Doctors. This album deserves a full 10/10 rating.