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The Top 40 Bands in America Today

I blew it, I admit it. Information Leafblower asked me to contribute a list of the top 10 bands in America (twice) and I fumbled the ball and neglected to take part. Coolfer of course took part and the end results can be seen here. After reading this list, I realize that it’s going to cost me a fortune since I have a ton of CDs to buy. All this is in direct response to the recent Guardian Unlimited article “The 40 Greatest US Bands Today” which needless to say inspired a tad bit of “debate.” Since I am Canadian I should have contributed since we Canadians are known for our fair and considerate opinions and our balanced, peace loving viewpoints (and our liberal, socialist/communist leanings right Dubya!). Gotta like the list though. While I’m familiar with most of these bands I got me some learning to do. Thanks for all the hard work Information Leafblower.