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The Tuesday Club

As we all know Rock’n’roll comes in many forms and here at the Rockandrollreport we are bringing you a good variety of styles. One band which has recently gained our attention is The Tuesday Club form Warmington On Sea in the UK. It just so happens that the much loved British sit com Dads Army was set in this town. Since the bands formation in 2011 they have already been described as ‘the Dads Army of spacerock’.

The Tuesday Club are: Glabrous Fabulous – Thud Bass, Wasabi Penis – Heavy Lead, The Beautiful Wolf – Twang Bass, Andreas Vanderbraindrain – Vocals, Tittybar Telski -drums, The Minx -Vocals and Cowbell, J-Rod – Jangle lead,

Jerry Berry – Keys


The Tuesday Club release their debut album See You Next Tuesday on April 20th (Record Store Day). This album is simply fantastic, the eight piece band whose members were born between 1957 & 1984 have got a wonderful quality of sound. This sound and variety of styles never fails to entertain. See You Next Tuesday is a joy to listen to. You can clearly hear the fun that the band must have had while writing and recording this album. It is simply quirkily buoyant and brimming over with boisterous fun. 8/10.

Here is what the vocalist Andreas Vanderbrain says about The Tuesday Club, ‘It’s all about the music, we are deadly serious about our commitment to each other, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t do it with a smile”. enthuses front man Andreas Vanderbraindrain. “There’s too much pomposity, too much sucked in cheek blue steel ethic, especially in London. The Tuesday Club just play for the love and the joy, we set our phasers on FUN and go for it, it’s time for ‘New’ Glamour… that’s where 6ft chanteuse The Minx comes in darlings… ‘GLAMOUR with a capital G’

 You check them out on their You Tube channel and also through their other links.



The Tuesday Club Official Site

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