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The U.K.’s ‘AlterVertigo’ on Politics, Dali and Giving Their EP Away for Free

AlterVertigo are a sharp-edged, hard-hitting band from the Midlands in the U.K. who infuse electro rock style with a touch of ambience and plenty of passion. So who is AlterVertigo? Dean McCread is on guitar, vocals and programming, Russ Carlin is on bass, vocals and programming and Leeroy Evans provides drums, vocals and, you guessed it, programming. Like so many great three-piece bands, AlterVertigo produce an immense amount of sound with vast diversity and incorporate everything from screamo to ambient techno, all into one song.

AlterVertigo have just released a self-titled EP, which is truly a stunning offering. Influenced by everything from art to politics, each of the four wicked tunes is extremely individual and rich and the best part is you can download it for FREE (legally!) from

AlterVertigo recently took some time to chat with The R&RR, here is what they had to say:

Q: Has your bold move of giving the EP away for free been working as planned?

A: Yes, it has been very successful for us. We thought that if we give our music away for free we can try to build a hardcore fan base, which will in turn help us to develop as a band. We’ve had a huge amount of people download the EP and give us feedback; this is quite an important thing for any band to have!

Q: What is your gig history so far and what do you have planned for 2010?

A: We haven’t really gigged too much because it is so difficult to get gigs these days and it’s even harder when you have no material available. With the release of the EP we hope to attract venues and booking agents to us so, hopefully, we will be playing a lot more shows this year. Towards the end of 2010 we are also looking to tour in America. We have management over there and they are just waiting for us to get out there! We are also looking at releasing our debut album at the end of the summer.

Q: Which art forms influence your sound the most and why?

A: Well, the obvious one is music as that’s what we’re doing! But we’re heavily influenced by the art of Escher, Geiger and Dali. They were great expressionists who found ways to transcribe feeling, energy and meaning into their respected art form. We think this is important and as long as you achieve what you want to achieve, and people understand that everything is there for a reason, we believe it’s very powerful. Yes, it’s not for everyone’s liking and we respect that many people just like to listen to the song and not think about it too much. What we try to do is combine this so that if you want to just listen to the song, then hopefully you can do that and appreciate it. But then there are also meanings in the songs that we hope would be appreciated by those who like to look further into things.

Q: Same question, but this time in respect to politics?

A: This is obviously a difficult subject to approach because no matter what happens, people will always be upset. There will never be a time where absolutely everyone is happy. Politically we tend to be interested in more of the impact of political decisions rather than trying to preach to people. If you look at certain film writers/directors you will see that they’re trying to express feelings and react to political situations. We don’t, and never will, claim to be clued up on world politics. But what we try to do is just write naturally about what’s around us. It’s not all politically based though; there are no boundaries as to what we write about. Music is a good way to channel energy and express opinion, so that’s all we try to do.

Q: What are your hopes and goals for AlterVertigo?

A: The main goal is to keep writing music that we enjoy; that’s all you can do. We accept that it’s not for everyone,, but we’d like to think that we always maintain our own identity. We think ambition is good to have, but in today’s world you need to be prepared to get nothing, then anything is a bonus. As long as you work hard you can’t do anymore. We’re in an age where you can’t completely control your fate, but as long as you enjoy what you’re doing, there should be no reason to be unhappy. We don’t want to think too far ahead so at the minute we just want to finish writing the album and get it out there to people. Hopefully they will enjoy what we’re doing, if this is the case then we’d feel like we had achieved exactly what we want to achieve.

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