Rock and Roll Reads

The Value of Free

Well, in anticipation of my holidays I stopped off at a local magazine store and picked up the latest copies of Mojo, Uncut and Spin. Meaty issues as usual full of rock and roll nuggets but on my way out I grabbed the latest issues of the free mags that are now available namely the Montreal Mirror and Exclaim. It would be a mistake to idly discount the quality of these free mags. Sure the ink used usually gets all over your fingers but that’s a small price to pay for the quality printed with that crappy ink. Exclaim in particular is so full of cool rock and roll scene reports, record reviews and concert listings as well as in-depth stories like a career retrospective of Neil Young and a feature on The Constantines that Exclaim was actually the first mag I settled down with after cursory first looks at Spin, Mojo and Uncut. Every city in North America and probably Europe has some kind of free music mag available. On your way out to buy your usual assortment of Rolling Stone, Q and the like, don’t forget to grab a copy of these freebies. You would be amazed at the quality that they contain. Just don’t forget to wash your hands after reading. If you have any particular recommendations, let me know.