Rock Radio 2.0

The WFMU Marathon starts March 8th!

Alright people it’s that time of year again. One of the best radio stations out there and a bastion of freeform radio, WFMU FM Jersey City, NJ USA is running their annual fund-raising marathon from March 8th to the 21st. Since it’s Friday, take the weekend to listen to WFMU while surfing their website and if you like what you hear, give them a call at 800-999-9368 or surf over to the marathon page on their website and pledge whatever you can afford. As a matter of fact I’ll pull out the old PBS trick and challenge all readers of The Rock and Roll Report to match and beat my pledge of $10.00. Together we can raise what $30.00? In the battle for radio diversity, WFMU is a beacon of light. Very cool radio deserves your support. WFMU is very cool radio.