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These Martians are Real Boss!

For the last 2 weeks Little Steven on the Underground Garage has featured 2 tracks from the Boss Martians (“I Am Your Radio” and “Kill My Telephone”) and both times I was on my way home from a hockey game and just cranked the stereo when these guys started playing. I really enjoyed it so I just had to do a Google search as soon as I got home to find out more about these “contemporary garage” rockers as Little Steven likes to call them. I believe that they are from Seattle, USA and man do they rock. On top of it all, their new record called “Set-Up” is on a label called Musick Recordings which I had never even heard of so needless to say I had to check that out as well. What a cool little rock and roll record label! Not only do they have both Boss Martians releases but they have what looks like a very cool Link Wray tribute album. As a matter of fact they feature a whole bunch of releases that look really interesting so I am going to have to hit their Sounds section and download a bunch of MP3s for exploratory purposes and begin to prepare for another possibly wallet draining exercise! One thing I noticed on the Boss Martians website which I really liked is that they ask any of us who are thinking of getting their record to support our local record store and buy it there. Very cool and right on advice in my book but if you can’t find it you can order it through The Rock and Roll Report.
So, can you see how this rock and roll ecosystem functions yet? Very simple:
1. You first have to locate and listen to some great rock and roll radio (click on the “radio” category on this very site to get you started).
2. All of a sudden, you start to hear all kinds of very cool rock and roll that you never might have known existed played by DJs that really care about music on record labels that, gasp!, are actually run by music fans.
3. Download a legal MP3 or two from the band in question to get a further taste.
4. Hustle out to your local record retailer to pick up their latest rock and roll opus.
5. Sign up to both the band and record label’s e-mail list.
6. Based on a band e-mail from the list you catch them in concert at the local dive and have a grand old time. You also take note of that rockin’ opening band for “further investigation.”
7. You check out the “links” section of both the band and record label’s web sites for even more rock and roll goodies!
8. The cycle endlessly repeats itself creating a glorious lifetime of rock and roll adventure.
There you have it. The Rock and Roll “Tree of Life.” The hunt is on. Learn it. Live it. Love it.