They paved paradise and put up a parking lot?

According to this article on the BBC website “Global future for Beatles’ club” the company that runs the Cavern Club in Liverpool wants to turn it into a worldwide chain. My only problem with all of this was that the Cavern Club was torn down in the early eighties! What we have here in Liverpool is a replica my friends. What they should have done was preserve the original Cavern Club and promoted that as a Beatles’ shrine but instead they paved the club over and turned it into a parking lot. Morons. I think any “Cavern Club” experienced out of its unique geographic locale will just be a poor man’s Hard Rock Cafe without the memorabilia. Stupid idea in my book.
Correction. Far be it from be to perpetuate a rock and roll myth but according to the official Cavern Club web site the original Cavern Club was filled in in the early ’70s which should have been obvious since it is a basement club. According to the site, the current Cavern Club occupies 75% of the space that the original occupied. Oh well. I’m keeping the title of the post as is but adding a question mark. The idea of expanding globally still seems silly to me though.