Women Who Rock! This Month’s Triple R Girls are the Dynamic Duo of Kat and Sugar!

This Duo was meant to be…..

In true Rock Chick fashion….Sugar met Kat’s rock star husband (Dave Henzerling of Big Cock, ex-King Kobra) backstage at Rocklahoma 2007 and got caught kissing him on camera. When the sexy photograph ended up on Kat’s desk the following week, most people would think all hell would break loose.

Instead, Kat laughed and exclaimed to Dave, “I LOVE IT!! This photograph needs to be on the front page of Big Cock’s website!” Later, after looking up the blond bombshell on myspace, Kat sent Sugar a letter of sassy admiration and teased her about kissing her husband.

It was a friendship bonded by the chords of rock n roll.

After a few emails and phone calls between the two, the twisted brains of these women started to mesh into a partnership of friendship, parties and rock-n-roll.

Kat, who lived in Hollywood “back in the day” and hung out on the Sunset Strip during the Hair Metal days has a long history of rockstar dealings and insider secrets. Working with Driver Wild Music, she handles the band, Big Cock exclusively. (www.bigcockrocks.com )

Sugar, who was previously booking 80’s rock acts out of Orlando, Florida, started her own company, appropriately named, “Hot Pink-Productions”, booking agency ,and soon moved to Scottsdale, AZ, (which, ironically, is also where Kat lives.). Sugar had just created her own on-line magazine of the same name (www.hotpink-productions.com ). She appreciated Kat’s resume of 80’s & 90’s rock act connections and immediately asked Kat to join her agency. Soon after,”The Sugar Cube” webcast was born with Sugar hosting and Kat as her sidekick!. The show is a new school take on old school music!

“The Sugar Cube” is on online webcast similar to when MTV actually played videos and talked about real music. The blond duo showcases everyone’s favorite old rock video’s with updated information on the bandmembers & current projects. Occasionally, the girls add in a few new artists with the same attitude and feel that got everyone’s asses shaking to begin with.

Once the sparks began to fly……..the music began to sing…..and several Martini’s & backstage passes later, the duo still remain a force to be reckoned with on the inside of rock n roll……