Rock History

This Old Jet

I love rock and roll from the seventies. I have allways been fascinated with bands like the Stones, Zeppelin and Deep Purple carreening from town to town in a cocaine haze piling off huge jets into black tinted limos only to run onto some wild lotus shaped stage to play screaming, pulsating and always loud rock and roll (sometimes even playing it well). When you read up on how these huge tours were constructed, the logistics behind the rock and roll excess is mind boggling. And nothing was a bigger and better example of this excess than the coolest private jet to ever grace the skies, the Starship. The starship was a custom Boeing 707 used by the likes of Mick and the boys that was anything but spartan. A huge waterbed, fireplace and bar graced this flying palace with the only plane giving it a run for its money was Hugh Hefner’s Black Bunny. The New York Times article Flying High (registration required) is a great piece on this impressive airplane. Just reading it makes me want to slip on a pair of shades and velour pants, grab my Tequila Sunrise and stagger over to my local Air Canada agent. Nah, it just wouldn’t be the same.