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Throw The Goat

If you want to get your band noticed then choosing a good band name is one of the first and most crucial things to do. I recently came across a band called Throw The Goat and the simple absurdity of this name got my attention, let alone the mental imagery which it gave! Throw The Goat are based in Idyllwild, California and are still a young band having just formed in June 2011. The band members are Michael Schnalzer a.k.a. “Barba Rojo” on Bass and Lead Vox,
Johnny Wilson a.k.a. “Johnny Trash” is on Rhythm Guitar and Vox,
Brian Parnell a.k.a. “Puke” provides Lead Guitar and Vox,
Tim Olivier a.k.a. “Señor Queso” is the man on the drums.

Throw the Goat

All of these guys have been friends for a long time and Parnell, Schanlzer, and Wilson  are the main songwriters who also happen to be room mates. The sound which Throw The Goat have created is an outstandingly explosive mixture of metal and rock with a dose of punk which makes it all the more incendiary. The band released their debut album Black Mountain in September 2012 and this is just so riotous and addictive, it is a powerful party mix of songs which are ass kickingly compelling.  The first three songs, ‘Southeast Bound’, ‘Too Late’ and ‘Last Call’ are all full throttle assaults which could easily get you pogo-ing around in the mosh pit. These are a wonderful intro to the rest of the album which is a stunning collection of hard hitting dirty stoner rock packed full of attitude and delivered with a healthy heap of power. Ending with a party track called ‘Having A Beer’ Black Mountain is a stunning debut album, 9/10.

You can check out the bands main website HERE

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