Tracking the Revolution

If you want to see the source behind one of my inspirations for writing this blog then you need look no further than this editorial “Revolution: Now” penned by Rock and Roll super fan and Bomp Records Grand Pooh Bah Greg Shaw. What I like about Shaw’s outlook on Rock and Roll is that he refuses to label it, pigeonhole it, or otherwise get bogged down in classifying any of Rock’s supposed genres like a botanist classifying some plant species. I agree wholeheartedly with his opinion that “rock and roll itself should be seen not as a genre, not as a mere noun or even a verb, but also as a process.” That “process” is what The Rock and Roll Report hopes to be all about. The conditions are ripe for the revolution that Shaw writes about (and in fact in a lot of ways it has already begun), the evidence is out there, you just might not notice it amongst the background noise of “American Idol” and Eminem. There are amazing record labels, bands, clubs, websites and blogs showing the way. Major, indie, garage, alternative, retro. These are just smokescreens hiding some great music. Check it out. Go to your local clubs. Start a band. Buy some CD’s from some of these cool new bands. Start a rock and roll radio show at your local community radio station or on the internet. Read and contribute to The Rock and Roll Report or any other website/blog out there and show the way. Have fun. Rock and Roll is here to stay. Sometimes you just have to look harder to find it. Let’s look together.