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Tune Up The Rickenbacher 12 String! Jangle Pop Radio

This week’s Radio Station of the Week is Jangle Pop Radio. Another delightful power pop rock and roll treasure, Jangle Pop Radio is actually a number of radio streams that go from ’60s and Wall of Sound classics to the ’90s and beyond. Another Live 365 classic.

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(Sorry for the late late late reply here, I found this page via a Google search!)

Thanks for reccomending my stations! I have 4 radio stations under the “JANGLE RADIO” banner

1) Jangle Radio – Power Pop! modern Power Pop & Melodic Rock
2) 60’s Jangle Radio – playing only RARE and Obscure Power Pop/Rock oldies from the greatest musical decade ever!
3) Jangle Radio – Retro Pop!
New Wave/Punk/and early Power Pop from the 70’s to late 80’s!
4) Spectropop Girlpop Radio! Only girl groups, female performers from the 60’s. If you dig Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” classics be sure to check this station out!

(Sorry for sounding like an advertisement here!)

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